• UncategorizedHow To Embed A PDF In Notion

    How To Embed A PDF In Notion

    Introduction Are you new to using Notion to stay organized? Having trouble figuring out how to insert a PDF file into your work? Don’t worry; we’ve got the solution for you. How to Insert a PDF in Notion Notion is a software that has completely transformed the workplace and classroom. The app focuses on productivity and offers features such as…

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  • UncategorizedHow to Make a To-Do List in Notion

    How To Make A To-Do List In Notion

    Introduction Are you someone who often forgets to complete tasks throughout the day? If that’s the case, you might want to consider using Notion to create a to do list. Notion is a fantastic app for individuals looking to lead a more organized lifestyle. Having a daily to do list can greatly assist in managing tasks and boosting overall productivity.…

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  • UncategorizedCoda vs. Notion: Which is Better?

    How To Make A Page A Template In Notion

    If you frequently create pages in Notion that are used often, you may find it beneficial to have them saved as templates for future use. The good news is, it’s a straightforward process to convert a page into a template. This article will guide you through the steps of making a page a template in Notion and provide additional information…

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  • NotionHow To Create A Database In Notion

    How To Create A Database In Notion

    Introduction Notion databases serve as customizable collections of pages that cater to your personal or organizational needs. They allow you to input information, organize your data and collaborate with others. However, for beginners, Notion can be overwhelming. This article aims to assist you in overcoming the challenges of being new to Notion and guide you through creating your first database.…

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  • NotionHow To Delete A Database In Notion

    How To Delete A Database In Notion

    Introduction We all have responsibilities in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves juggling projects simultaneously. Thankfully, Notion comes to our rescue by providing templates that help us organize aspects of our professional lives. However, what if the project requirements change or the project itself gets canceled? How to Delete a Database in Notion Notion assists us in managing activities and…

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  • NotionHow To Enable Dark Mode in Notion

    How To Enable Dark Mode In Notion

    Introduction If you’re using the Notion note-taking app, you might find it useful to enable the dark mode feature. There are various reasons why people prefer dark mode. It helps reduce screen glare, alleviates eye strain, enhances visual aesthetics and even extends battery life. Notion Dark Mode on PC Having various options and the ability to personalize settings on your…

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  • NotionHow to Make a Page a Template in Notion

    How To Make A Page A Template In Notion

    Introduction If you often create pages in Notion that you use frequently, you may find it beneficial to have them as templates. Fortunately, turning a page into a template is a simple process that can save you time in the future. In this article, we will explore how to convert a page into a template in Notion and discover additional…

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  • NotionHow to Make a Progress Bar in Notion

    How To Make A Progress Bar In Notion

    Introduction Creating a progress bar in Notion is a great method to gauge and monitor your progress towards specific goals. It can serve as a source of motivation and help you stay on track while working. This article provides an overview of the fundamental steps involved in making a progress bar in Notion. Creating a Progress Bar Generally, there are…

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  • NotionHow To Add Pictures to Your Notion Gallery

    How To Add Pictures To Your Notion Gallery

    Introduction One of the standout features of Notion is the Gallery view, which allows you to showcase various visual elements such as images, recipes, mood boards and more. This handy tool presents your content in a grid format with individual cards that include preview pictures for easy browsing and file selection. In this informative article, we will guide you through…

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  • NotionHow to Use Formulas in Notion

    How To Use Formulas In Notion

    Introduction Nowadays, we often find ourselves facing a multitude of projects and tasks, some of which can be quite intricate and draining. Luckily, Notion has come up with a set of formulas that can assist us in overcoming any challenge, regardless of its level of difficulty. If you’re interested in learning how to utilize formulas within Notion, you’ve come to…

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