How To Add An International Contact To A WhatsApp Chat Or Group


WhatsApp is a messaging platform that enables people from all, over the world to connect with ease. One of the benefits of this app is its ability to facilitete communication with individuals across different countries. By adding a contact to your WhatsApp chat or group you can engage in real time conversations, share media and stay connected with friends, family or colleagues regardless of geographical limitations. This guide will walk you through the step by step process of adding a contact to your WhatsApp chat or group making global communication more accessible and convenient.

Adding a contact, to a WhatsApp chat or group is quite simple. Let me guide you through the process step by step;

How to Add an International Contact on WhatsApp;

  1. Open WhatsApp; Unlock your device and launch the WhatsApp application.
  2. Chat List; You will find yourself in the chat list, where all your existing chats and contacts are displayed.
  3. Find the Contact;
    If you already have the contact saved with their international phone number in your devices address book you should be able to locate them in your WhatsApp contact list.

In case they are not saved as a contact you might need to add them as a contact. This can usually be done through your phones contacts or address book app.

  1. Start a New Chat;

Tap on the “Chat” icon or the speech bubble icon typically found at the corner of the screen.

  1. Search for the Contact;

Enter either the name or phone number of the contact, in the chat search bar. WhatsApp will display search results.

  1. Choose the Contact;

Tap, on the name of the contact that appers in the search results. This will open a chat window for you to communicate with them.

  1. Craft Your Message;

Once you’re in the chat window go ahead. Type out your message. Once you hit send your message will be delivered to the contact. They’ll receive it soon as they add you to their contacts. If they already have your number saved.

Including an International Contact, in a WhatsApp Group;

Here’s how you can create a group chat, on WhatsApp;

  1. Open WhatsApp; Launch the WhatsApp app on your device.
  2. Access the Groups section; Tap on the “Chats” tab at the bottom of the screen to view your chat list. Next tap on the icon that represents creating a chat, a pencil or message bubble icon.
  3. Create a New Group;

Tap on “New Group” to initiate the process of creating a group chat.

  1. Add Participants;

WhatsApp will prompt you to add participents to the group. You can search for a contact by typing their name or phone number in the search bar.

  1. Select the Contact;

Once you locate the contact tap on their name to include them in the group.

  1. Finalize Group Creation;

After adding all desired participants, including the contact tap either “Next” or the checkmark icon to proceed.

  1. Set Group Name and Icon;

Customize group settings as per your preference such, as setting a group name adding an appropriate group icon and other options available.

Group Creation

Lastly click on “Create” to form the group with the contact included as a member.

The international contact will receive a notification regarding their addition, to the group. Receiving a message from you. Once they accept the invitation or add you to their contacts they will have access to participate in the chat or group.

Please ensure that you use the format, for phone numbers, including the country code when adding international contacts. This will help ensure communication.


In todays interconnected world WhatsApp has become a tool for maintaining connections with friends, family members and colleagues. Adding a contact to your WhatsApp chat or group is a process that empowers users to overcome geographical boundaries and strengthen relationships. With a few steps you can initiate conversations, share moments together and collaborate effortlessly with individuals from around the globe. As we continue leveraging technology to bridge gaps across borders WhatsApp remains a medium, for fostering friendships nurturing relationships and promoting collaboration on a significant scale.


Sure! Here are some asked questions (FAQs), about how to add contacts to your WhatsApp chats or groups;


  1. How can I add someone from another country to WhatsApp if they are not in my phones address book?

To add a contact to WhatsApp who’s not already in your phones address book you first need to save them as a new contact in your phone. Once their international phone number is added they should appear in your WhatsApp contact list.

  1. What is the correct way to add a phone number on WhatsApp?

To add a contact on WhatsApp make sure to use the correct format; Start with a “+” sign followed by the country code and then the full phone number. For instance if you’re adding a contact from the United Kingdom you would use “+44” followed by the phone number.

  1. Can I include a contact in a group even if they don’t have WhatsApp installed?

Unfortunately, no. You can only add contacts who have both installed WhatsApp and an active account into a group. If someone doesn’t have WhatsApp they won’t receive any invitations, for group participation.

4. How do I invite an international contact to a WhatsApp group?

To add a contact, to a WhatsApp group first create the group. Then refer to the instructions provided in the “Adding an International Contact to a WhatsApp Group” section of this guide. The contact will receive an invitation to join the group.

  1. Is it okay to include contacts, in WhatsApp groups without their permission?

No it is important to seek the consent of the contact before adding them to a WhatsApp group. Adding someone without their consent might be seen as intrusive or against their privacy preferences.

  1. What can I do if my messages on WhatsApp are not reaching my contact?

If your messages aren’t reaching your contact check that you have added them with the correct phone number format and that they have both WhatsApp installed and an active internet connection. It’s also worth checking their privacy settings as they may have restrictions, on who can message them.


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