How to Automatically Record All Google Meet Meetings


Google Meet
Google Meet

To enable or disable the recording feature, on Google Meet you will need to have a registered account under one of the paid plans offered by Google Workplace. The specific Workplace editions that allow recording are; Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Editions (Starters, Essentials, Plus Standard) Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Workspace Individual Subscriber.

If you are an administrator of a Google Workspace organization you have the permission to record meetings on Google Meet. As an administrator you can grant participants the ability to record meetings and share them with others who were unable to attend. Teachers using their Google Workspace account can also record classes. Allow their students to do the same. Additionally administrators have the option to disable recording for participants.

Unfortunately there is no automated way to initiate recordings as it requires intervention from an administrator or another authorized user, for each meeting. If you do not have a Google Workspace subscription there are third party software options that can assist in recording your Google Meet sessions.

Sure in order to automatically record your Google Meet sessions you’ll need to use Meet Pro. Keep in mind that Meet Pro is only available, with a Google Workspace subscription and it offers an auto record feature.

What is google meet ?
Google is undertaking video meeting software offered as a part of google workplace and also free to google users. Google meet  previously named Google Hangouts Meet.

Learn who can record a meeting

To record a meeting, a Google Workspace administrator must turn on recording for your account.

You can record if:

  • You’re the meeting host.
  • You’re from outside the host’s organisation and promoted to a co-host.
  • You’re from the host’s organisation and Host Management is off.
  • You’re a teacher or co-teacher for meetings created through Google Classroom

The process of recording in google meet :

First of all you have to sign up in google meet, you can go to the google website or you can just download google meet app from the store . you can sign up using your google account.

      An organisation’s Google workspace controlling person is let to record meetings on Google have meetings with. As a controlling person, they can let ones taking part record the meeting, and then share it with others, for example, someone who was not able to give attention to it. People doing teaching can record a part while on their Google workspace account, as an instrument for putting things in order, they can let their learners record the part as well. On the other hand, the controlling person can also turn off the recording for other one taking part.

Google Meet
Google Meet

Recording is not automatic meaning someone needs to start recording for every separate meeting.

Lets see practical of this process

  • Start the google meet and join the meeting.
  • At the bottom click on the activities .
  • Click on the recording.
  • The popup will show click on the start. 
  • Participants will notified when the recording will start.
  • To stop the recording click on the activities and recording – stop recording.
  • The recording stops automatically when participants leave the meeting.

2nd method using extension

  1. Go to google search google extension.

How To Automatically Record All Google Meet Meetings

2. There is a search bar in left corner, search screen recording 

Search Screen Recording
Search Screen Recording

3. Click on any extension here i am downloading loom. click on add to chrome.

 Add To Chrome.
Add To Chrome

4. Click on add extension.

 Click On Add Extension.
Click On Add Extension.

5. Sign up using email. And follow these process —

Sign Up Using Email
Sign Up Using Email

6. choose whatever option you want. I chose “for education”.

Choose Whatever Option You Want”.
Choose Whatever Option You Want”.

7. click on the continue to workplace.

Click On Continue To Workplace
Click On Continue To Workplace

8. Click on the record a loom and record your first loom.

Click On Record Loom
Click On Record Loom

9. There is a popup in the upper side of the left corner, and Allow the notification.

Click On Allow Camera
Click On Allow Camera

10. Now start your new meeting. And in the bottom left corner there’s a option click on record a loom. 

Click On Record A Loom
Click On Record A Loom

11. You have to share your screen to loom, choose the tab you want to record.

How To Automatically Record All Google Meet Meetings

12. Now you are recording your class.

How To Automatically Record All Google Meet Meetings

That’s how you can record all the meetings in google meet.

Where i can find record meetings

Recordings save to the meeting organiser’s My drive > Meet recordings folder. However, if the organiser changes or if the meeting occurs outside of the scheduled Calendar time, the recording link is sent to the original event creator.

People also ask:

1.Is it possible to have Google Meet meetings recorded automatically by default?

Unfortunately Google Meet does not offer a built in feature that automatically records all meetings by default. Each meeting must be manually initiated for recording.

2.Can automatic recording be set up for Google Meet?

Currently Google Meet does not have a feature that allows for recording of all meetings. You will need to start the recording, for each session.

3.Are there any tools or extensions that enable recording in Google Meet?

Yes there are third party applications and browser extensions available that can automate the process of recording in Google Meet. However these tools often require installation. May have limitations based on their functionality and pricing.

4. What is the recommended approach for recording Google Meet meetings?

If you’re looking to record your Google Meet meetings you can explore third party solutions such, as screen recording software while ensuring they comply with privacy and security regulations.

5.Is it considered ethical and, within the boundaries of the law to record Google Meet meetings without obtaining consent from all participants?

Recording meetings without the consent of all participants might raise concerns and potentially violate certain legal regulations depending on the jurisdiction. It is essential to prioritize privacy and adhere to laws and company policies.

6. How can I notify meeting attendees about the recording of the meeting?

It is recommended to make an announcement at the start of the meeting informing everyone that it will be recorded.Some video conferencing platforms like Zoom have a feature that notifies users when recording is, in progress.

7.Can Google Meet automatically save recordings to Google Drive?

Absolutely! You can easily set up Google Meet to automatically save your recordings directly to your Google Drive by adjusting the settings in your Google Meet account.

8.Are there any storage limitations for storing Google Meet recordings on Google Drive?

Depending on the type of account you have ( paid) and the amount of storage available there may be storage limitations for storing Google Meet recordings on your Google Drive. It’s important to keep an eye on your storage space while recording and saving meetings.

9.How long are Google Meet recordings available after a meeting?

By default when you record a meeting using Google Meet the recorded content is stored indefinitely on your Google Drive. However it’s worth noting that specific storage policies may vary depending on whether you’re using a subscription based service like Google Workspace or G Suite.


While it may not be a feature of the platform itself it is possible to record all your meetings on Google Meet with the help of third party tools and extensions. However it’s crucial to use tools in compliance, with privacy regulations and legal requirements. Always ensure that you have obtained consent from all participants if necessary and carefully consider any implications related to storing and sharing recorded content.

Also make sure to consider the storage limitations and security precautions when managing recorded meetings, on platforms, like Google Drive or other storage solutions.


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