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Hey fellow WhatsApp users! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to find out your phone number, on WhatsApp but weren’t quite sure how to go about it? No worries, my friend! In this guide we’ll take you through the peasy steps to check and verify the phone number linked to your WhatsApp account. Whether you’re a newbie or just need a refresher keep reading to discover how effortlessly you can find your WhatsApp number!

In our paced lives we often find ourselves bombarded with an increasing amount of information.. When you get a phone after losing the previous one it can be challenging to catch up and remember important details like your new phone number.. Fret not! We’ll guide you on how to locate your WhatsApp number without having to ask someone on the street.

How to Find Your Number in WhatsApp

While some phones make it tricky to access your phone number messaging apps like WhatsApp offer a straightforward solution. In this article we’ll demonstrate how you can easily check your phone number within the WhatsApp app.

Follow these steps;

  1. Launch WhatsApp.
  2. Look for the three dot icon at the corner (also known as More options).
  3. Tap, on Settings.

4.. Select your name from the menu.

Your contact number will be displayed in the Phone section ,  in which there will be your username and About information.

If you need to know how to find your phone number. All you need to access your profile setting.

Ways to Determine If Your WhatsApp Number Has Been Blocked

Blocking is a feature that allows you to stop receiving calls or messages from someone. If someone has blocked you it might not be immediately apparent. They will have control over the conversation.

Here are five different methods to check if your number has been blocked on WhatsApp;

  1. Check the seen status; When you open the chat window take note of the seen information displayed under the users name. If this information hasn’t changed recently or is not visible all it could indicate that you have been blocked.
  2. Look for updates; If a user has blocked you you won’t receive any updates regarding their page. Their profile picture won’t change for you either. The absence of updates, on their account could mean that you have been blocked (or they simply don’t update their profile frequently).
  3. Send a message; if you send the message to the person who blocked you they cant receive it. However on your end you will still see a checkmark confirming that the message has been sent. However if this checkmark never changes into checkmarks (indicating seen messages) there’s a possibility that you have been blocked.
  4. Make a voice or video call; Attempting to make a voice or video call can also provide insight into whether your number has been blocked. If the call doesn’t go through and instead results in ringing or goes straight to voicemail without any indication of a connection attempt from the other persons end it may suggest that your number is indeed blocked.
  5. Create a group with the contact; Another way to determine if your number is blocked is by creating a group with the contact who potentially blocked you. If your messages within the group aren’t delivered and no changes are made to their profiles within the group chat (such, as their display picture or group description) it could indicate that you have been blocked.

Remember, while these methods can provide indications of a block they are not foolproof and may vary depending on the settings and privacy preferences of the person.If you attempt to place a call it won’t connect if the person has blocked you. This method is often used to determine if someone has blocked your number.

Another way to check if someone has blocked you is, by attempting to add them to a group chat. If you receive an error message stating that you’re unable to add them it’s likely that they have blocked you.

The amount of information we have to process daily has steadily increased. Getting a new phone after you’ve lost your previous one can also add a lot more information to catch up with. For example, you might not remember your new phone number yet and are having a hard time keeping up with updating your friends and relatives. “How do you find your WhatsApp number?” is a question you usually don’t want to ask in the middle of the street.

How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp

Some phones make it difficult to see your phone number. However, messaging apps often don’t have such problems. In this article, we’ll show you how to check your phone number in WhatsApp.

How to Check Your Number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp uses the same phone number as that of your phone, so checking there will usually give you your current phone number.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
    How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp
  2. Your phone number will be listed in the Phone section under your username and About details.
    How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp

The next time you’re wondering how to check your phone number on WhatsApp, remember that the steps are easy. All you have to do is check your profile settings.

How to Check If Your WhatsApp Number Is Blocked

Blocking is a powerful feature to stop receiving calls or messages from someone. If someone has blocked you, you might not notice it at first, but they will hold all the cards in the conversation.

How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp

Here are five different ways to check if someone blocked your number on WhatsApp:

  • Check the last seen message: When you open the chat window, look at the last seen information under the user’s name. If this hasn’t changed recently or you can’t see it, they might have blocked you.
  • Look for updates: If a user blocked you, you won’t receive any updates regarding their About page, and their profile picture won’t update for you either. A lack of updates on an account might mean you’ve been blocked (or that they don’t care to update their profile often).
  • Send a message: If you send a message to a user who blocked you, they won’t receive the message. However, you’ll still see a checkmark that you’ve sent it. If that checkmark never turns into a double checkmark (for seen messages), chances are you’ve been blocked.
  • Try to make a call: If you try to call the person who blocked you, the call won’t go through. This is one of the most reliable ways to test for someone blocking you.
  • Use group chats: Try adding a person to a group chat. If you receive an error message prompting that you’re unable to add someone, they have most likely blocked you.

How to Check Who Saved Your WhatsApp Number

Checking up on who has your WhatsApp number saved is relatively easy. We’ll need to use a somewhat obscure WhatsApp function to test this out – broadcasts. Broadcasts are similar to group chats. However, one notable feature of the broadcast is that they won’t be visible to users who don’t have you on their contact list.

Here’s how to use the broadcast function:

    1. Open WhatsApp.
      How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp
  1. Wait for some time and then check on the delivery information of the message. Press on the message until a menu pops up, then select Info.
    How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp
  2. Check the Delivered to section. People who are not in this section most likely haven’t added you on WhatsApp.
    How To Check Your Number In Whatsapp

The next time you’re wondering how to check if someone saved your number on WhatsApp, use the broadcast feature. It might be the only time you’ll need it.


Well done, my friend! You’ve now mastered the art of checking your phone number on WhatsApp! It’s a skill for making the most of this messaging app and now you can rest assured that your number is set up correctly. Remember, WhatsApp is, about staying connected with loved ones so chat away happily knowing that your number is good to go. Happy chatting!

Sure! Here are some asked questions (FAQs), about verifying your phone number on WhatsApp;

Q1; How can I verify my phone number on WhatsApp?

A1; To verify your phone number on WhatsApp open the app, access “Settings,” tap, on your profile picture and then choose “Account.”

Your phone number should be shown in the section labeled “Phone number.”

  1. What should I do if my phone number is missing fro the WhatsApp settings?

  There may be a few reason why you can’t find your phone number in the WhatsApp settings. Make sure you are signed into your WhatsApp account first It is advised to contact WhatsApp Support for help if the problem continues.

Q3; Is it possible to update my phone number on WhatsApp if its wrong?

A3; Absolutely! If your phone number is incorrect or you’ve switched to an one you can easily update it on WhatsApp. Just follow these steps; Go to “Settings,” Account ” and then choose the option to “Change number.”

  1. How do I go about checking my phone number on WhatsApp?

  To check your phone numbers, on WhatsApp simple open the WhatsApp application on your devices and follow these steps;

To access the menu, click the three dots (icon) in the corner.

Select “Settings” using the menu dropper.

Choose “Account.”

Click “My account” at this points. Yours phone numbers will be shown at the top of the screens.

Q5; Can everyone on WhatsApp see my phone number?

A5; No not everyone, on WhatsApp can see your phone number. Only the contacts you have saved in your phones address book who also use WhatsApp will be able to view your phone number in their WhatsApp contacts.

6.. Is it feasible to modify my WhatsApp phone number using this section?

  Of course! You may modify your phone number from inside the “My Follow the provided prompts to update it.

Please ensure that you confirm your WhatsApp usage by verifying the number.

  1. How can I go about verifying my phone number on WhatsApp?

  To verify your phone number, on WhatsApp please follow these steps;

Input your phone number.

WhatsApp will send a verification code either through SMS or a phone call.

Enter the received verification code into WhatsApp to confirm your number.


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