How to Connect Computer to TV


In today’s technology driven world, being able to connect your computer to a TV opens up a whole range of exciting possibilities. Whether you want to enjoy a movie on a bigger screen, share a presentation with a group or play your favorite video games with enhanced visuals, knowing how to connect your computer to a TV is an essential skill. The good news is that it’s often easier than it seems, as there are various methods and cables available to suit different needs.


How to Connect Computer to TV

How To Connect Computer To Tv
How To Connect Computer To Tv

How to Connect Computer to TV

Understanding the process of connecting your computer to a TV not only enhances your entertainment experience but also transforms your TV into a versatile display for work and productivity. In this guide, we’ll explore different methods and provide step by step instructions to help you seamlessly bridge the gap between your computer and TV, unlocking the full potential of your multimedia and computing capabilities.

Connecting your computer to a TV can be achieved through various methods, depending on the available ports on both your computer and TV, as well as your personal preferences. Here’s a detailed guide on how to connect your computer to a TV using different connection options;

  1. HDMI Cable;

a.Check Ports;

Make sure that both your computer and TV have HDMI ports. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a commonly used and convenient method for connecting devices.

b.Connect the Cable;

Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your computer.

Connect the other end of the cable to an available HDMI port on your TV.

c.Select Input Source on TV;

Turn on your TV and use the remote control to select the corresponding HDMI input for the port connected to your computer.

d.Configure Display Settings on Computer;

Right click anywhere on your desktop and select “Display Settings” from the options that appear.

Choose the TV as either a secondary display or extend your display to it.


  1. VGA Cable with Audio Cable;

a.Check Ports;

Ensure that your computer has a VGA output port, which is still widely used for video connections.

Check if there’s a VGA input available on your TV.

If not, you might require an adapter that converts VGA to HDMI.

b.Connect the Cables;

Insert the VGA cable into the VGA output port on your computer.

Connect the audio cable from your computer’s audio output to the corresponding audio input on the TV.

c.Set TV Input;

Using the remote control, switch your TV to the input source labeled as VGA.

d.Adjust Display Settings;

Navigate to “Display Settings” on your computer and adjust the display mode as needed.

  1. Wireless Connection (Wi Fi);

a.Miracast or WiDi;

Make sure that both your computer and TV are compatible with Miracast or WiDi (Wireless Display) technology.

b.Enable Wireless Display on TV;

Access the settings menu on your TV and activate the Miracast or WiDi option.

c.Connect from Computer;

On your computer, navigate to “Settings” or “Display Settings.”

Select “Connect to a wireless display” and choose your TV from the available options.

d.Confirm Connection;

You should now see your computer screen wirelessly mirrored on your TV.

  1. Using Chromecast or Similar Devices;

a.Connect Chromecast;

Insert the Chromecast or a similar streaming device into any available HDMI port on your TV.

b.Set Up Chromecast;

Follow the provided step by step instructions to connect the Chromecast to your Wi Fi network.

c.Cast from Computer;

Install the Chromecast extension on your web browser or utilize the built in casting feature.

Start casting your computer screen to the Chromecast device.

d.Adjust Settings;

For optimal viewing experience, you may need to make adjustments to resolution or display settings on your computer.

  1. DisplayPort Cable;

a.Check Ports;If both your computer and TV have DisplayPort ports, you can connect them using a DisplayPort cable. Here’s how;

  1. Connect the cable;

Insert one end of the DisplayPort cable into your computer.

Connect the other end to the DisplayPort input on your TV.

  1. Configure display settings;

  Adjust the display settings on your computer to either extend or duplicate the display on your TV.

Alternatively, if your computer has a DVI port and your TV has an HDMI port, you can use a DVI to HDMI cable. Follow these steps;

  1. Check ports;

  Make sure that your computer has a DVI port and that your TV has an HDMI port.

  1. Connect the cable;

Plug the DVI end of the cable into your computer.

Connect the HDMI end of the cable into your TV.

  1. Configure display settings;


To sum up, connecting your computer to your TV is an incredibly practical and convenient way to enhance your digital lifestyle. The versatility it offers. From enjoying multimedia content on a larger screen to utilizing your TV as a secondary display for work or presentations. Makes mastering this process an invaluable skill for anyone who loves technology.

In this guide, we have delved into various approaches, including both wired and wireless options, to accommodate different preferences and situations. As technology progresses, there will likely be more advanced ways to connect your computer to your TV, providing even smoother and more effective solutions. Rest assured that no matter your level of technical expertise, you will be able to navigate through the process effortlessly.

Additional FAQ

1.How do I dislay my computer sceen on my TV?

Here is how you can display your computer screen on your TV;

To connect your laptop to the TV, you can use an HDMI cable. Most laptops available today have an HDMI port which allows for the transmission of full HD and 4K video as well as surround audio to the TV. In case your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can consider using a VGA (D Sub) cable.

2.Why is my TV not showing my PC screen?

If you’re facing the issue of your TV not showing your PC screen, there are a few things you can check. First, ensure that your HDMI cable is properly connected and in good condition. Additionally, make sure that both your PC and TV settings are correctly configured. It’s also important to verify that your PC is powered on and not in Sleep mode.

3.What is Chroecast?

Now let’s talk about Chromecast;

Chromecast built in is a technology that enables you to stream your favorite entertainment and apps from various devices such as phones, tablets or laptops directly to your TV or speakers.

4.How do I turn my normal TV into a smart TV?

If you want to transform your regular TV into a smart TV, there’s an option available;

You can opt for an external streaming device which will allow you to access smart features on your television. These devices come in the form of small dongles or boxes with internet connectivity support. Some popular examples include Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast.

5.Can I use Google TV for free?What is the price of Google TV? 

Google TV comes pre installed on certain TVs and streaming devices, so there’s no extra cost involved. You can also download the Google TV mobile app for free from either the Play Store or App Store.


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