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WhatsApp is a messaging platform that offers more, than text messages. One of its features is the ability to create polls, which allows you to gather opinions make group decisions and have conversations with your contacts or groups. Whether you’re planning a group outing collecting feedback on a project or simply curious about your friends preferences creating a poll in WhatsApp is a process that adds an element to your chats. In this guide we’ll take you through the steps of creating a poll in WhatsApp so you can use this feature for purposes.

How to Create a Poll, in WhatsApp; A Step by Step Guide

Creating a poll on WhatsApp is an effective way to interact with your contacts or groups and gather opinions on subjects. Here’s a guide that will take you through the process along with the advantages of utilizing this feature;

Step 1; Open WhatsApp

 Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone or desktop device.

Install Whatsapp
Install Whatsapp

Step 2; Choose a Chat or Group

 Select the chat or group where you wish to create the poll. You can create polls in both individual and group conversations.

Access The Chat
Access The Chat

Step 3; Compose a New Message

 Tap, on the text input field to start composing a message.

Click On Pin And Select Poll
Click On Pin And Select Poll

Step 4; Structure Your Poll

 Begin your poll by asking a question or providing context for the choices you’ll present. For instance you could ask, “Where would you like to go for dinner tonight?”

Write Poll Question.

Step 5; Utilize the Poll Feature

 To employ the poll feature, type “@” followed by the name of each option for participants to choose from.

For instance if you’re trying to choose between two restaurants, type “@Restaurant A” and “@Restaurant B.”

Structure Your Poll
Write Poll Question.



Step 6; Sending the Message

 Once you’ve added all the poll options you want simply send the message. WhatsApp will automatically recognize the “@” symbol and the text that follows as options.

Sending The Message
Sending The Message

Step 7; Creating a Poll

 WhatsApp will format your message into a poll, with the question and available options. Your contacts or group members can then tap on their option to cast their vote.

Advantages of Creating a Poll, in WhatsApp;

  1. Simplified Decision Making;

Utilizing polls, on WhatsApp streamlines the process of making decisions. Whether its selecting a restaurant picking a movie to watch or deciding on a travel destination polls enable you to quickly gather preferences and make informed choices.

  1. Enhanced Group Engagement;

The creation of polls fosters group participation and engagement. It serves as a way to involve everyone in the conversation ensuring that they feel included and valued.

  1. Instant Feedback;

Through WhatsApp polls you can receive real time feedback from your contacts or members of a group. This feature proves useful when collecting opinions on topics including matters related to work.

  1. Adaptability for Different Purposes;

WhatsApp polls offer versatility as they can be used for both professional purposes. Whether you’re organizing an event conducting a survey or seeking input for a project these polls are flexible enough to cater to your needs.

  1. Respecting Anonymity;

With WhatsApp polls participants have the option to vote anonymously. This feature proves beneficial when discussing topics or when seeking feedback without any potential biases.

  1. convenient Record Keeping;

WhatsApp conveniently maintains records of poll responses which allows for review of results at a time and can serve as valuable references, for future use.

  1. Enjoyment and Social Connection;

Incorporating polls, into your conversations can bring an aspect. You can create polls concerning cuisines, dream vacation spots or other hobbies which enhances social interactions.

  1. Efficiency, in Time Management;

Rather than getting involved in discussions polls assist in reaching a consensus thus saving time and maintaining focused conversations.

To summarize, making a poll, on WhatsApp is a process that offers advantages. It helps with decision making encourages participation provides feedback and can be utilized in personal and professional situations. Whether you want to organize an event make group choices or just have some fun with your contacts WhatsApp polls are a feature exploring.


Using polls in WhatsApp can be a tool for making decisions fostering interaction and engaging with your contacts or groups. Whether you’re organizing an event seeking opinions on a topic or just looking to have some fun the simplicity of creating and sharing polls makes it a versatile and user friendly feature. By following the steps outlined in this guide you’ll be able to utilize WhatsApp polls and make your conversations more interactive and collaborative. So go ahead. Start creating polls to enhance your WhatsApp experience and strengthen connections, with your friends, family members or colleagues.

Write the FAQS on How To Create A Poll In WhatsApp

  1. What is a WhatsApp poll?

A WhatsApp poll is a tool that lets you create a question along with options for your contacts or group members to vote on. It’s a way to gather opinions and make decisions

  1. How can I create a poll in WhatsApp?

To create a poll in WhatsApp compose a message in a chat or group format your question and options using “@” before each option then send the message. WhatsApp will recognize it as a poll. Display it accordingly.

  1. Can I create polls in both chats and group chats?

Absolutely! You can create polls in both chats and group chats, on WhatsApp.

  1. What’s the maximum number of options allowed in a WhatsApp poll?Sure! Here’s the paraphrased version;

 It is possible to have options, in a WhatsApp poll. However it is recommended to keep the number of choices to maintain clarity and obtain responses.

  1. Will participants be able to see who voted for each option in a WhatsApp poll?

 No voter anonymity is maintained in WhatsApp polls. Participants cannot see who voted for which option.


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