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WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows millions of users to connect, share information and participate in group conversations. While these group chats offer a way to stay connected with people at once there might be instances when you want to remove a group, from WhatsApp for various reasons. Deleting a group chat can help declutter your chat list and manage your space efficiently. This guide will walk you through the step by step process of deleting a group in WhatsApp enabling you to regain control of your messaging experience.

Removing a group, on WhatsApp is a process that allows you to eliminat the group from your chat list. Here’s a step by step guide on how to delete a group in WhatsApp;

Step 1; Launch WhatsApp

Make sure you have installed WhatsApp on your device and logged in.

Install Whatsapp
Install Whatsapp


Step 2; Access the Chats Tab

Tap on the “Chats” tab locat at the bottom of the screen to enter your chat list

Find The Group
Find The Group


Step 3; Locate the Desired Group

Scrolled through your chat list until you find the group you wish to delete. Tap on the group to open it.

Click On The Bar
Click On The Bar


Step 4; Open Group Information

 inside the group chat tap on the name of the grouped at the top of your screen. This will take you to the Group Info page.

Click On The Exit Group
Click On The Exit Group


Step 5; Scroll Down and Locate “Exit Group” Option

Scroll down within the Group Info paged until you locate and see an option called “Exit Group.” Tap, on it.

Exit Group
Exit Group


Step 6; Confirm Leaving the Group

WhatsApp will display a prompt asking for confirmation if you truly want to leave this group. You can select “Exit” to proceed with leaving.

Confirm Leaving The Group
Confirm Leaving The Group

Step 7; Remove the Group

Once you exit the group it will no longer appear in your chat list. However please note that the group itself still exists and you might received message from it. If you want to delete it follo these steps;

Delete The Group
Delete The Group

For Android

  1. Return to your chat list.
  2. Long press, on the group chat you just left until a menu pops up.
  3. Choose “Delete chat.”

For iOS (iPhone);

  1. Go back, to your chat list.
  2. Swipe left on the group chat that you exited.
  3. Tap “More.”
  4. Select “Delete Chat.”

Step 8; Confirmation is needed**

WhatsApp will prompt you to confirm the deletion of the chat. Select “Delete” to proceed.

Step 9; Group Successfully Deleted

The group chat has been permanently deleted from your WhatsApp account ensuring that you will no longer receive any messages from it. Other group members will be informed about your departure, from the group. They won’t be able to add you without your consent.

By following these instructions you can effectively delete a group on WhatsApp. Remove it from your chat list resulting in a clutter well organized messaging experience.


In todays changing world of messaging WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool. Group chats play a role in this experience. Its equally important to know how to organize and tidy up your chat list. Deleting a group in WhatsApp is a process that empowers you to take charge of your chat space. By following the step by step instructions outlined in this guide you’ll be able to delete a group, on WhatsApp whenever necessary. This straightforward action allows you to keep your messaging experience organized and customized according to your preferences. So go ahead seize control of your space and enjoy a streamlined WhatsApp experience.


Here are some asked questions (FAQs) regarding the deletion of WhatsApp groups;

1. What happens when I delete a group on WhatsApp?

When you delete a group chat on WhatsApp it is removed from your chat list. You will no longer receive messages or notifications, from that group. However the group and its conversations will still exist for members.

2. Can other members of the group tell if I’ve left or deleted the group?

Yes when you leave a WhatsApp group other members of the group will be notified that you have left.

No they won’t receive a notification if you decide to remove the group chat from your chat list after leaving.

3. Is it possible for me to join a group that I left or deleted on WhatsApp?

If you left a group you can join again if another member invites you back. However if you deleted the group chat you won’t be able to rejoin unless someone sends you an invitation.

4. If I delete a group chat will it be deleted for everyone?

No deleting a group chat only removes it from your chat list. The group chat and its messages will still be accessible, to members unless they choose to delete it 

5. Can I delete groups on WhatsApp at the time?

Yes you can delete groups on WhatsApp. You have to go through the deletion process for each group individually.

6. Will I lose the chat history and messages in the group when I delete it?

Yes deleting a group chat means losing all the chat history and messages associated with that group. Unfortunately this data cannot be recovered.

7. Is there a limit, to how groups I can delete on WhatsApp?

There are no limitations set by WhatsApp regarding the number of groups you can delete. You can freely manage your chat list by deleting groups as necessary.

8. What happens to media and files shared within the group when I delete it?

If you decide to delete a group, on WhatsApp it’s important to know that any media or files shared within the group will continue to exist on WhatsApps servers. This means that even if you leave or delete the group other members may still have access to them. Deleting a group is a way to organize your chat list and make your messaging experience more streamlined. Here are some asked questions that can provide clarity and address common concerns, about this feature.


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