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Telegram has become increasingly popular, as a platform for communication and collaboration among friends, family and professionals. Its group chat capabilities and end to end encryption have contributed to its adoption. However there may be situations where you feel the need to remove a group for reasons, such as disbanding a community or simply tidying up your Telegram account. In this guide we will walk you through the process of removing groups, on Telegram step by step.

Preparing for the Process

Before proceeding with the removal of a Telegram group it’s essential to keep the following considerations in mind;

1. Admin Privileges; To delete a group successfully you must have privileges. Without being an admin of the group you won’t have the permissions to carry out this action.

2. Up Important Data; Make sure that you’ve backed up any information or messages from the group that you wish to retain. Once a group is deleted all its messages and media will be permanently lost.

3. Impact on Group Members; Deleting a group will have consequences, for all its members.
If you’re not the admin it’s an idea to let the other admins and members know about your intention to delete the group especially if its a community they actively engage with.

 How, to Delete a Group in Telegram

Here are the steps to delete a group, in Telegram;

 Deleting a Group on Mobile Devices (iOS and Android);

Step 1; Open Telegram
Launch the Telegram app on your iOS or Android device.

After Installing The App Open It Up.
After Installing The App Open It Up.

Step 2; Access the Group
Find the group you wish to delete from your chat list.

Access The Group Chat
Access The Group Chat

Step 3; Open Group Settings
Tap on the name of the group at the top of the chat to access its settings.

Open Group Settings
Open Group Settings

Step 4; Navigate to Group Management
Scroll down, within the group settings until you come across the “Manage Group” section.

Navigate To Group Management
Navigate To Group Management

Step 5; Delete the Group
Within the “Manage Group” section select the option to delete the group.

Step 6; Verify the Deletion
Proceed, with the deletion by following the instructions displayed on your screen. This may involve entering your Telegram password or implementing security measures.

Verify The Deletion
Verify The Deletion

Step 7; Successful Group Deletion
After confirming the deletion the group will be permanently removed from Telegram.

How to Delete a Group, on the Telegram Web Version in laptop ;

Step 1; Access Telegram Web
Launch your web browser and navigate to [](https;// to access the web version of Telegram.

Search Telegram In Google
Search Telegram In Google

Step 2; Sign In
Sign in, to your Telegram account by entering your phone number and the verification code sent to your Telegram app.

Sign In
Sign In

Step 3; Access the Group
Locate. Click on the group you wish to remove from your chat list.

Access The Group
Access The Group

Step 4; Open Group Settings
Within the group chat tap on the name of the group at the top to access its settings.

Open Group Settings
Open Group Settings

Step 5; Remove the Group
Within the group settings select the option “Delete Group.”

Within The Group Settings Select The Option &Quot;Delete Group.&Quot;
Within The Group Settings Select The Option “Delete Group.”

Step 6; Confirm Deletion
Confirm that you want to delete the group by following any instructions displayed on your screen such as entering your Telegram password or utilizing security measures if prompted.

Confirm Deletion
Confirm Deletion

Step 7; Group Deletion Complete
Once you have confirmed deletion Telegram will permanently erase the group from its web version.

Here’s a guide, on how to delete groups in Telegram on devices.

Step 1; Launch Telegram
Launch the Telegram application on your device or access the Telegram web version on your computer.\

Step 2; Gain access, to the desired group. Ensure that you have privileges for the group.

Step 3; Open the group settings by selecting the name of the group located at the top of the chat.

Step 4; Locate and navigate to the “Manage Group” section within the group settings. This section provides options, for managing groups.

Step 5; Proceed with deleting the group by selecting the “Delete Group” option found in the “Manage Group” section.

Step 6; Confirm your decision to delete. Depending on your account settings you might be required to enter your Telegram password or utilize security measures.

Step 7; Once confirmed Telegram will permanently delete the group from both your chat list and those of all its members completing the deletion process.


The process of deleting a group, on Telegram is simple regardless of whether you’re using a device or accessing it through a web browser. You can easily follow the aforementioned steps to remove a group.. It’s crucial to keep in mind that once you delete a group there’s no way to undo it. All the content, within the group including messages and media will be lost forever. So before going with the deletion make sure you’ve backed up any information and thought about how it will affect the members of the group.

people also ask:

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to recover a deleted Telegram group?
Unfortunately once you delete a Telegram group it cannot be restored. It’s essential to make sure you have no regrets before proceeding with the deletion.

2. what will happen when a group will be deleted 

all the members will be removed after you delete the group.

3. Do I need to be the creator of a group to delete it?
No being the creator of the group is not necessary, for deleting it. However you must have privileges.

4. Can I delete a group using the Telegram web version?
Absolutely! You can delete a group using the Telegram web version by following the steps mentioned in this guide.

5. Is there any waiting period before I can delete a group?
There is no waiting period required for deleting a group. You can proceed with deletion soon as you decide to do

6.What happens to the messages and media, in a group once they are deleted?
Once you delete a group in Telegram all the messages, media and other content within it are permanently. Cannot be retrieved.

Deleting a group, on Telegram is a procedure. Its crucial to be absolutely sure of your choice since it cannot be undone.

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