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WhatsApp is an used messaging app that connects billions of people worldwide allowing them to exchange messages make voice and video calls and share media content. To fully utilize the potential of this platform it’s crucial to have a contact list. Whether you’re connecting with friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances adding and managing contacts, on WhatsApp is a process. In this guide we will take you through the steps to help you discover add and organize contacts on WhatsApp for an enjoyable communication experience.

WhatsApps user friendly interface and intuitive features allow you to effortlessly stay connected, with the people who hold importance in your life. It facilitates connections that transcend boundaries and time differences, enabling interactions.

To find contacts, on WhatsApp you’ll need to make sure that you have the app installed on your device and have given it permission to access your phones contact list. Here’s a step by step guide on how to locate contacts on WhatsApp;

  1. Install WhatsApp;

If you haven’t done so already download and install the WhatsApp application from either the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (, for Android).

  1. Open WhatsApp;

Launch the WhatsApp app on your device.

3.Accept Terms and Privacy Policy;

If this is your time using WhatsApp you will be prompted to agree with their terms and privacy policy. Take a moment to review them before accepting.

  1. Verify Your Phone Number;

WhatsApp will request that you verify your phone number by sending a verification code via SMS or call. Simply enter the code provided to confirm your number.

  1. Set Up Your Profile;

You’ll have the option to set up your profile by adding a profile picture and status if desired. Although not mandatory doing so can help your contacts recognize you better.

  1. Granting Access, to Contacts;

When you set up WhatsApp it might request permission to access your contacts. You can go ahead. Allow WhatsApp to access your contacts. If you didn’t grant this permission during the setup don’t worry! You can easily enable it later in your devices settings.

  1. Finding Contacts;

Once you’re, on WhatsApp it will automatically sync with your phones contact list. This way you’ll be able to see a list of people who are already using WhatsApp from your contacts. To locate a contact you have an options available;

How To Add Contacts From Iphone To WhatsappIf you’re downloading WhatsApp with an iPhone, you can import your existing list of contacts. Thankfully WhatsApp and iPhone communicate directly, and it’s very simple. This article will explain how to add contacts from an iPhone to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Automatic Sync

When you install WhatsApp on your iPhone, it should automatically sync the contacts stored on your iPhone. If any of your contacts also have a WhatsApp account, they will automatically be added to the contact list in WhatsApp. So usually, you don’t need to do anything extra to sync iPhone contacts.

What If My Contacts Don’t Automatically Sync?

Occasionally, iPhone users have reported that their contacts did not sync automatically. If this is the case for you, check the WhatsApp permissions on your phone:

    1. Open iPhone Settings.
      How To Find Contacts On Whatsapp
  1. Go to “WhatsApp.”
  2. Verify that all permissions are turned on.

Once you’re sure your permissions are on, you can tell the iPhone to sync with WhatsApp. To do this, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open iPhone Settings menu.
      How To Find Contacts On Whatsapp
    2. Choose “Accounts.”
    3. Select “Google.”
    4. Turn on the option to sync contacts with your device.

If WhatsApp did not sync your contacts originally, this should instigate a sync so that your iPhone contacts and WhatsApp contacts now work seamlessly together.

How to Manually Sync WhatsApp with iPhone

Sometimes you may need to manually sync WhatsApp with your phone. When this happens, you can easily do so with a few taps:

    1. Open the Settings menu.
      How To Find Contacts On Whatsapp
  1. Choose “Users and accounts” or “Passwords and accounts.”
  2. Select WhatsApp from the list and tap on “Account Sync.”
  3. The button next to contacts should be toggled to communicate to the phone to sync contacts now.

Your WhatsApp and iPhone contacts should now start syncing automatically.

How to Add Contacts Manually

In case you find some contacts that don’t migrate to WhatsApp automatically, or you need to add a specific contact manually for some reason, doing so is easy. Follow these steps to manually add an iPhone contact to WhatsApp:

    1. Open WhatsApp and tap the Chats menu. The icon is at the bottom of the screen and looks like two overlapping speech bubbles.
    2. Click the pencil and paper icon in the upper right corner to open a New Chat.

How To Find Contacts On Whatsapp

3.Tap “New Contact.”

4.A contact form that looks much like an iPhone contact page will open. Add the contact information and click Save.

How to Add Contacts by QR Code

WhatsApp has an extra feature where you can add a contact by scanning a QR code on their phone. When you meet someone and want to get to know each other by WhatsApp, this is a great way to add each others’ contact information instantly.

On your friend’s phone:

    1. Open WhatsApp.
    2. Tap “Settings.“\
    3. In the top right corner by your friend’s name, tap the QR code symbol. This will show the QR code.

After that, go to your phone:

    1. Open WhatsApp.
    2. Tap “Settings.“
    3. tap the QR code symbol by your name in the top right corner.
    4. Tap “Scan“ at the bottom of your screen and position your phone over your friend’s phone to scan their QR code with your camera. Your phone will vibrate when the scan is complete.
    5. Tap “Add to Contacts“ to complete the process.


Adding International Contacts to WhatsApp

A benefit to WhatsApp is that it can use Wi-Fi to make calls. Even international calls can be made without using your cell service. Adding an international contact is quick and easy.

  • Be sure to start the phone number with a + sign.
  • Begin the phone number with the international calling code for that country. A list of these can be found here.
  • Many countries have a leading 0 for local calling before typing in the carrier code, so check if you need to exclude it.
  • Each country has a different phone number format and length, so make sure to type the number in properly.

Sending WhatsApp Invitations to Contacts

The best part of having WhatsApp is being able to chat with all your friends and family. To use the app to the fullest, you’ll want to invite any of your contacts that aren’t already on WhatsApp. Invite contacts to join you on WhatsApp with these steps:

    1. Go to “Settings“ in WhatsApp. It’s the gear icon on the bottom right of the home screen.
    2. Scroll down to find the heart icon next to “Tell a Friend“ and select it.
    3. Tap “Message“ in the pop-up window that appears.
    4. WhatsApp crafts an invite that you can send by entering in your friend’s contact information.

The more friends the merrier. Invite all of your contacts to build your WhatsApp base.

Transferring Contacts from WhatsApp to a New Phone

When you get a new phone, the biggest headache is all the information that must be transferred over from your old device. Thankfully transferring contacts is not difficult. Read on to know how to save your WhatsApp contacts to a new phone.

WhatsApp has a built-in feature for chat backup. The first step will be to enable this feature on the old device:

    1. Open WhatsApp and tap “More Options” in the upper right corner of the screen.
    2. Select “Settings,” “Chats”, “Chat Backup”, and “Back up Now.”
    3. Go to “Save in iCloud” and continue through the prompts and instructions.

Once the backup process is complete, you can use it to populate your new phone with all of your contacts:

    1. On your new phone, install and open WhatsApp.
    2. Follow the instructions to restore contacts from the iCloud backup.

All your WhatsApp contacts will now be available in your new phone.

Deleting a WhatsApp Contact

If you want to remove an unwanted contact from WhatsApp, you can do so from the app:

    1. Launch WhatsApp and tap “Chats.“
    2. Tap the “New Chat“ button to bring up a list of your WhatsApp contacts.
    3. Find the contact you want to delete and tap their icon.
    4. Tap their name at the top of the chat screen.
    5. To remove that contact select “Edit“ and “Delete Contact.“


Once you do this, the contact will be removed from the phone’s address book entirely.


In conclusion, adding contacts from your iPhone to WhatsApp can be done either through automatic synchronization or manual addition. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your WhatsApp contact list is up to date and ready for use. Whether you choose to sync all your contacts at once or add them individually, WhatsApp provides the flexibility to manage your contact list according to your preferences. With your contacts successfully added to WhatsApp, you can now enjoy seamless communication with your connections on the platform.


Can I add a contact that doesn’t have a WhatsApp account?

Yes, you can. Add the contact just as you would normally, and you’ll have the option to invite them to WhatsApp. Once they join, you’ll already have them in your list.

Can I talk to contacts through the app who don’t have a WhatsApp account?

No, you won’t be able to contact them through WhatsApp until they create an account. You can send them an invite to join you on WhatsApp.

Can I use the WhatsApp camera to scan a friend’s QR code?

Yes, you can. If you’re familiar with the WhatsApp camera, it’s an easy way to scan a QR code to connect with a friend on WhatsApp.

Can I also add contacts to WhatsApp on an Android device?

Yes, adding contacts from an Android device is just as easy as adding them from an iPhone. WhatsApp works on both platforms and should seamlessly connect from your contact list to your WhatsApp account. In most cases, the steps for working with an iPhone are the same as for an Android.


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