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Telegram is widely acclaimed as a messaging platform that puts an emphasis, on protecting user privacy and security. Apart from offering features to safeguard your information it also provides transparency regarding who has saved your number in their Telegram contacts. This knowledge can be quite helpful as it enables you to identify which of your contacts are accessible through the app and can initiate conversations with you. In this guide we will delve into the process of determining who has saved your number in Telegram providing insights into your Telegram network.

Here’s how it works

Using Telegram is really simple. First you’ll need to download the app from their website. Its supported on all platforms. Once you’ve downloaded it signing up is a breeze. You’ll notice that they ask for your phone number away. Then you’ll have to verify it.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Many other apps also ask for details, during sign up. But here’s the catch; this app claims to be extremely secure. So would a secure app give out its users phone numbers easily? Probably not.

If you’re still skeptical we can put it to the test. In fact we’ll show you how to see who has access to your number on Telegram and how to disable this feature if you find it unnecessary. It just doesn’t seem right for such a safe app to automatically share your phone number with your contacts.

Remember, online safety is crucial; not everyone is who they claim to be. So be cautious about connecting with anyone on apps like Telegram because if you can see their number they can see yours too.

Knowing who has saved your number, on Telegram may seem like a situation where different people say things but unfortunately thats the reality.

Telegram is now sharing your phone number with everyone, on your contact list. You have the ability to verify this. Just follow these instructions;

1. Open Telegram on any of your devices be it a computer, tablet or smartphone.

After Installing The App Open It Up.
After Installing The App Open It Up.

2. Locate the three lines at the left corner of your screen.

3. Tap, on those lines to access the menu options

Click On Three Lines
Click On Three Lines

4. From there click on “Settings.”

Access Settings;
Access Settings;

5. Look for. Select “Privacy and Security” settings.

Go To Privacy &Amp; Security;
Go To Privacy &Amp; Security;

Telegram has become increasingly popular, as a messaging service, to WhatsApp and Messenger. They argue that it’s faster and more secure than its competitors although it may not be perfect. One drawback is that you need to provide a phone number to sign up for Telegram.

If you’re concerned about the privacy of your phone number there is a possibility that other users could access it through the app. If you want to know how to check who has saved your number on Telegram you’ve come to the place. Keep reading. I’ll provide you with the information you need along with some safety tips.

Stop Sync Contacts
Stop Sync Contacts

Using Telegram is straightforward. Start by downloading the app from their website; its supported on all platforms. The signup process itself is simple well. You’ll notice that they require a phone number from you and then verify it.

Now here’s something worth considering; while many other apps ask for details, during signup this app claims to be extremely secure. So would a secure app make its users phone numbers readily available? Probably not.
If you’re skeptical you can try it out for yourself. In fact we’ll guide you on how to find out who has access, to your phone number, on Telegram and how to turn off this feature. It seems unreasonable for a secure app to automatically share your phone number with your contacts without your consent.


Having an understanding of who has saved your number in Telegram empowers you with a sense of control and awareness in your messaging experience. The transparency offered by Telegram allows you to ascertain which of your contacts actively use the platform to communicate with you. While this feature enhances the privacy and security aspects that define Telegram it also fosters informed connections with your Telegram contacts. By following the steps outlined in this guide you can effortlessly gain insights, into your Telegram network ensuring conversations and interactions tailored to those who genuinely desire to connect with you.

Here are some asked questions (FAQs) related to this topic;

1. Can I find out who has saved my number on Telegram?
Unfortunately Telegram doesn’t provide a feature that allows you to see who has saved your phone number in their Telegram contacts.

2. Are there any third party apps or methods that can help me identify the users who saved my number on Telegram?
Its important to exercise caution when considering third party apps or methods claiming to offer this information. Using apps may violate Telegrams terms of service. Compromise your privacy and security.

3. Why doesn’t Telegram have a feature to show who saved my number?
The reason, behind this is that Telegram places importance on user privacy and security. Introducing a feature to display who has saved your number could potentially infringe upon user privacy, which goes against the principles of the platform.

4.Is there any way to find out if someone has added me to their contacts, on Telegram?
Telegram doesn’t have a notification or feature that notifies you when someone adds you to their contacts. However if they choose to start a conversation, with you you might receive a message from them.

5. How can I ensure my privacy on Telegram?
To maintain your privacy on Telegram you have the option to customize your privacy settings. This includes controlling who can view your seen status profile picture and contact details. You can easily adjust these settings within the Telegram app by going to “Settings” > “. Security.”

6. Is there a way to indirectly find out if someone has saved my number, on Telegram?
Indirectly you might be able to tell if someone has saved your number on Telegram when they send you a message join a group you’ve created or interact with your profile in some manner. However it’s important to note that these actions are not indications.

7. Can I block someone on Telegram for the sake of protecting my privacy?
Absolutely! Blocking users on Telegram allows you to prevent them from sending you messages or engaging with you in any way. It serves as a means of controlling who can communicate with you within the platform.

Please bear in mind that features and policies on Telegram may change over time. It’s always prudent to stay updated by referring to resources like the website or support channels, for any potential updates regarding privacy related features or options.

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