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Efficiency is key when it comes to organization whether its, in your workspace or the digital realm. In todays paced world of technology and digital communication knowing how to create folders is a skill that helps you keep your files and information neatly organized. Telegram, the messaging platform with features understands the importance of organization in our digital lives. By learning how to make a folder in Telegram you can take charge of your chats stay on top of conversations and streamline your messaging experience. In this guide we will dive into the process of creating folders in Telegram and equip you with the knowledge to effectively manage your chats and information. 

If you want to keep your chats and channels organized in Telegram creating folders can be really helpful. Here’s a step, by step guide on how to make a folder in Telegram

1. Open Telegram;
Make sure you have the Telegram app installed on your device.
Launch the Telegram app. Log in to your account if you haven’t already.

click on three lines

Click On Three Lines
Click On Three Lines

2. click on the setting.

Click On The Setting
Click On The Setting

3. click on new chat folder.

Click On New Chat Folder
Click On New Chat Folder

4. Start Creating a New Folder;
To create a folder on mobile tap either the three lines (also known as hamburger menu) or the gear icon at the top of your Chats screen. On desktop simply hover over the “Chats” section on the sidebar.

Click On Create New
Click On Create New

5. Choose a name, for your folder that accurately represents its content or purpose. This will help you easily identify it in the future.

Write The Folder Name And Add The Chats
Write The Folder Name And Add The Chats


6. add chats and when you are done click on right sign which is locate in the bottom.

Add Chats And When You Are Done Click On Right
Add Chats And When You Are Done Click On Right

7. now here click on save

Now Here Click On Save
Now Here Click On Save

8. Once you have created the folder you can begin adding chats and channels to it. To do so navigate back, to your Chats screen. Follow these steps.

Now Your Folder Is Ready You Can Access Or Edit
Now Your Folder Is Ready You Can Access Or Edit

To create a folder, in Telegram and organize your chats or channels within it follow these steps;

1. On press and hold the chat or channel you want to add to the folder. On desktop right click on it.
2. From the menu that appears choose either “Add to Folder” or “Move to Folder ” select the folder you created.

7.. Customize;
Once you’ve added chats to your folder you can arrange them in any order you like. Simply. Hold (on mobile) or drag and drop (on desktop) to reorder the chats within the folder.
You can also personalize the folder by choosing a custom color for it. To do this tap on the folder (on mobile). Right click on it and select “Folder settings” (on desktop).

8. Continue Organizing;
Repeat these steps to create folders and organize your chats and channels according to your preferences.

Now you have successfully created a Telegram folder. Organized your chats or channels within it. This feature is especially helpful for users, with conversations as it provides a structured and efficient messaging experience.


The ability to create folders in Telegram is a powerful tool that can revolutionize how you handle your digital conversations. This guide has shed light on the process and significance of organizing your chats within the Telegram platform. It serves as a reminder that, amidst the amount of clutter and information overload we face today having the ability to curate and categorize our digital interactions is truly invaluable.

As we wrap up our exploration of making folders in Telegram lets carry forward this knowledge as a way to enrich our lives.

By organizing our conversations into folders we can prioritize what is truly important maintain control over our messaging experience and easily access information. In todays era, where communication, through technology’s crucial, in both personal and work settings it is essential to understand how to effectively manage these interactions.

Certainly here are some asked questions (FAQs), about organizing folders in Telegram;

1. Why should I create folders in Telegram?
The purpose of creating folders in Telegram is to organize and categorize your chats and channels making it simpler to manage and locate conversations or content.

2. Can I create folders in Telegram on both desktop devices?
Absolutely! You can create folders in Telegram on devices such as mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux).

3. Is there a limit to the number of folders I can create in Telegram?
Generally speaking there is no limit imposed by Telegram on the number of folders you can create. Feel free to create folders as you require to adequately organize your chats and channels.

4. Can I personalize the names and colors of my folders in Telegram?
Yes you have the option to customize the names and colors of your folders. When creating a folder or accessing its settings simply specify a custom name for it along with choosing a color, for the folder icon.

5.To include chats and channels, in a folder on Telegram you can follow these steps;

1. On your device. Hold the chat or channel you wish to add. If you’re using a desktop simply right click on it.
2. From the options that appear select. Add to Folder” or “Move to Folder.”
3. Choose the folder where you want to place the chat or channel.

That’s it! By following these instructions you’ll be able to organize your chats and channels into folders, in Telegram.

6. Can I remove chats and channels from a folder, in Telegram?
Absolutely! You can easily remove chats and channels from a folder by opening the folder then either pressing and holding (on mobile) or right clicking (on desktop) on the chat or channel you wish to remove. Finally just select the option “Remove from Folder.”

7. Are Telegram folders synchronized across devices?
Yes, indeed! Telegram ensures that your folders stay in sync across all your devices. This means that any modifications you make to your folders on one device will automatically reflect on all of your devices.

8. Can I create subfolders within folders in Telegram?
Unfortunately at present Telegram does not support the creation of subfolders within folders. You are only able to create top level folders for organizing your chats and channels.

9. What happens if I delete a folder in Telegram?
If you delete a folder in Telegram rest assured that it won’t delete any of the chats or channels within it. The deletion simply removes the structure provided by the folder while leaving all the chats and channels intact.

10. Is there a search feature, within folders to find chats or channels?
Certainly! Within folders you can conveniently utilize the search function to swiftly locate chats or channels that you’re looking for.
Just open the folder. Make use of the search bar thats available.

These asked questions (FAQs) will assist you in getting an understanding of how to efficiently create and handle folders on Telegram. This will enhance your chat organization. Messaging experience.

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