How To Mute Someone On Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter Without Them Knowing


In todays era of technology social media platforms such, as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become a part of our daily routines. While these platforms offer us the opportunity to connect with friends, family and colleagues they also expose us to a range of content and interactions that may not always be pleasant. In situations the ability to discreetly mute someone without their knowledge can be a tool for safeguarding your peace of mind and overall online well being. This comprehensive guide delves into the art of muting individuals on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – empowering you to take control over your experience without causing unnecessary drama or discomfort.

Here’s a step, by step guide on how to mute someone on Instagram;

  1. Open the Instagram app; Make sure you’re logged into your Instagram account and open the app on your device.
  2. Find the persons profile; Locate the profile of the individual you wish to mute. You can do this by searching for their username in the search bar or by finding them in your followers or following list.
  3. Access their profile; Once you’re on their profile you’ll come across a button that says “Following.” Of tapping it press and hold it for a moment.
  4. Choose “Mute”; After holding down the “Following” button a menu will appear with options. Look for. Tap on the option that says “Mute.”
  5. Select what to mute; Instagram will present you with choices regarding what content from that user you want to mute, such as posts, stories or both. Choose your preference accordingly.
  6. Confirm muting; Finalize your decision by tapping either “Mute,” “Mute Posts,” or “Mute Stories ” depending on what you selected.

That’s it! By following these steps you’ll be able to mute someone, on Instagram without them knowing.

  1. Silencing in Progress; On Instagram you now have the ability to silence content, from a user without them receiving any notification. You can confirm this by observing that the “Following” button on their profile has changed to “Muted.”
  2. Unsilencing; If you ever decide to unsilence the person simply follow the steps. Select the “Unmute” option instead.

By following these instructions you can discreetly silence someone on Instagram without alerting them. This enables you to have control, over your feed and enjoy a personalized and pleasant social media experience.


Sure! Here’s a step, by step guide on how you can control what you see from someones profile or posts on Facebook;

To Hide Someones Posts;

  1. Log in to Facebook account.
  2. Go to the profile of the persons you want to mute.
  3. Hover your mouse, over the “Following” button (if you’re already following them). The “Add Friend” button (if you’re not friends).
  4. From the menu that appears choose “See ” This option allows their posts to appear less frequently in your News Feed.
  5. Alternatively you can select “Unfollow [Name]” to completely hide their posts without unfriending or unfollowing them. They won’t receive any notification if you choose this option.
  6. If you prefer to limit their posts in your News Feed click “Friends”. Then select “Acquaintances.”

To Hide Someones Stories;


  1. Open your Facebook Stories.
  2. Scroll through the Stories until you find the persons Story that you want to hide.

To hide someones story on Facebook locate the three dots (ellipsis), in the corner of their story and click on them. Then select “Hide Story From [Name]” from the menu that appears. It’s important to note that Facebooks features and options are subject to change. It’s always an idea to check the latest settings and privacy options on the platform if you want to manage what you see from someone without alerting them. Keep in mind that Facebook might offer control compared to platforms, like Instagram.

Based on my knowledge up until September 2021 Twitter provides the option to mute someone without their awareness. When you mute someone, on Twitter, their tweets and retweets will no longer show up in your home timeline. They won’t receive a notification that you’ve muted them. Here’s how you can mute someone on Twitter;

Using the Twitter Website;


  1. Log in to the Twitter account.
  2. Go to  the profile of the person you wish to muted.
  3. Click on the “button (represented by three dots) found on their profile page.
  4. From the menu that appears choose “Mute @username.”

Using the Twitter Mobile App;

  1. Open the Twitter on your device.
  2. Go to the profile of the person you want to mute.
  3. Tap on the three dots (button displayed on their profile.
  4. From the menu that appears Mute @username.”

By following these steps you can discreetly silence someones tweets, on Twitter without them knowing about it. They will still have access to follow you view your tweets and engage with your content as usual.

Muting can be a tool to personalize your Twitter usage and minimize content all, without generating any notifications or unfollowing the individual in question.



In the changing landscape of media it is crucial to have the means to shape your online experience according to your personal preferences. Discreetly muting someone on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – without them being aware – is an considerate approach towards maintaining your well being. By following the step, by step instructions provided in this guide you can safeguard your peace of mind while avoiding any conflicts that may arise. Remember that social media should serve as a tool that enhances your life than causing stress. Muting offers a solution by allowing you to focus on content and interactions that truly matter to you.

Therefore seize command over your realm. Relish a more delightful and tranquil social media encounter.


Frequently Asked Questions about Muting Users on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Without Their Knowledge;

  1. What does muting mean, on media?

Muting refers to a feature on social media platforms that allows you to have control over the content displayed from a particular user in your feed. When you mute someone their posts and activity are hidden from your view while still maintaining your connection as a follower or friend.

  1. Is muting someone the same as unfollowing or unfriending them?

No muting differs from unfollowing or unfriending. Muting simply conceals their content from appearing in your feed whereas unfollowing or unfriending completely severs the connection.

  1. Can the person I mute find out that I’ve muted them?

No when you mute someone they won’t receive any notifications or alerts indicating that you’ve muted them. It’s a way to manage your social media experience.

  1. Can I undo muting someone after doing?

Absolutely! You can easily unmute individuals, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by visiting their profile and selecting the option to unmute.

  1. Can I selectively choose what content to mute on these platforms?

Yes you have the option to mute posts, stories or both, on Instagram. However on Facebook and Twitter muting usually applies to both posts and other activities such as comments and likes.

Regarding muting people at once it’s generally not possible on these platforms. You would need to mute users as there isn’t a built in feature, for muting people simultaneously.


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