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Google Meet is an excellent platform for virtual meetings and online classes. Sometimes, it can be challenging to see everyone in a big online meeting. However a common issue that users often encounter is the difficulty of viewing all participants in larger meetings or webinars. This comprehensive guide seeks to offer solutions and address frequently asked questions regarding achieving this in Google Meet. Our goal is to ensure that you can actively interact with every participant during your meetings.

Don’t worry; we’ll teach you several ways to use Google Meet so that you can see everyone at once. Let’s get started with some useful, detailed instructions.

methods of seeing everyone at the same time in google meet

Method 1: Grid View

Step 1: Join the Google Meet
– Start by joining the Google Meet session using the link or code provided by your teacher or friend.

Step 2: Find the Grid View Button
– Look for the “Grid View” button once you have entered the meeting. The upper right corner of your screen typically has what appears to be a grid or checkerboard there.

Step 3: Select Grid View from the menu.
– Select “Grid View” from the menu. So that you may view everyone at once, this will arrange everyone’s video in a grid arrangement.

Step 4: Enjoy the Grid of Faces
– You’ll now see a grid with small boxes, each showing one person’s face. You can scroll up and down to see everyone if there are many people in the meeting.

Method 2: Pinning Participants

step 1: Join the Google MeetS
– Just like before, start by joining the Google Meet session using the link or code.

Launch A Browser And Navigate To Google Meet.
Launch A Browser And Navigate To Google Meet.

Step 2: Choose the Person to Pin
– When you see the person you want to focus on (maybe your teacher or a classmate), move your mouse over their video.

Choose The Person To Pin
Choose The Person To Pin

Step 3. when you tap on their window there will be three option, click on the left on. 



Step 4: Select “Pin”
– From the menu that pops up, choose “Pin.” This will keep that person’s video big on your screen, even if they’re not talking.

Method 3: Using Dual Monitors

Step 1: Join the Google Meet
– Join your Google Meet session as usual.

Step 2: Connect a Second Monitor
– If you have access to a second monitor (another screen), connect it to your computer.

Step 3: Move Google Meet to the Second Monitor
– Click and drag the Google Meet window to your second monitor.

Step 4: Maximise the Google Meet Window
– Once on the second monitor, maximise (make it big) the Google Meet window. This will allow you to see more people on one screen.

Step 5: Enjoy a Wider View
– With two screens, you can see more participants at the same time. It’s like having a bigger picture!

  Method 4: using layout setting 

 Step 1: Click on the menu  then click on the change layout setting.

 Click On The Menu Then Click On The Change Layout Setting.
Click On The Menu Then Click On The Change Layout Setting.

Step 2:  select any  option as your wish.

Select Any  Option As Your Wish.
Select Any  Option As Your Wish.


Being able to see all participants at the time during meetings is crucial, for effective communication and engagement. Whether you prefer using the “Tiled” or “Grid” view Google Meet offers options that cater to meeting sizes and layout preferences. By implementing these suggested solutions and familiarizing yourself with layouts you can enhance your Google Meet experience. Ensure all participants are visible and involved in your online gatherings.

Please remember that Google Meet is constantly improving its features and capabilities. It’s important to stay updated with the enhancements to ensure an uninterrupted meeting experience.

Now you know multiple methods for seeing everyone at the same time in Google Meet. Whether you prefer the Grid View, pinning a specific person, or using a second monitor, these methods will help you have a great time during your online classes and Meetings.

People also ask:

1.Is there a way to view all participants simultaneously in Google Meet as the default setting?

By default Google Meet tends to focus on the speaker. However if you want to see everyone at once you can switch to either the “Tiled” or “Grid” view. Just click on the layout option you prefer, located in the corner of the meeting screen.

2.What does the “Tiled” view do in Google Meet. How does it function?

The “Tiled” view organizes all meeting participants in a grid format allowing you to have multiple video feeds visible, on your screen simultaneously. Simply select this option to activate it

3.How can I access the “Grid” view during a Google Meet session?

To access the “Grid” view while using Google Meet tap on the three dot menu icon located at the corner of your screen during a meeting. From there select “Change layout.” You will then be able to choose the “Grid” option and enjoy seeing everyones video feeds arranged in a grid format.

4.Can I see all participants simultaneously when using the Google Meet app on my device?

Yes you have the option to view everyone simultaneously in the “Grid” layout, on the app, for Google Meet. Just tap the “Grid” icon on your screen while in a meeting to access this view.

5.Is there a limit, to the number of participants shown in the “Grid” view on Google Meet?

As of my update in September 2021 Google Meets “Grid” view allows you to see up to 49 participants at once. However please note that this limit might change in updates. It’s always an idea to refer to the documentation for the most accurate information.

6. Can I view all participants while sharing my screen on Google Meet?

While you’re actively sharing your screen on Google Meet the focus will be on your shared content. However you can still choose to see the “Grid” view which displays participants alongside your shared screen by selecting the “Grid” layout option.
Absolutely you have the option to activate “Spotlight” mode, within Google Meet. This feature enables you to have a view of the speaker while still being able to access the “Grid” view and see all other participants. Simply click on the thumbnail of the speaker. Choose “spotlight”.


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