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In todays age video sharing has become a part of staying connected with our loved ones. Facebook Messenger, a messaging platform not only allows us to exchange text messages but also enables us to share videos making our conversations more vibrant and dynamic. If you’ve ever wondered how to send a video on Facebook Messenger but felt unsure, about where to begin this guide is here to lend a helping hand. In this article we will walk you through steps that will enable you to share your favorite videos on Messenger enhancing your connection with the people who hold special significance in your life.

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Sharing a video through Facebook Messenger is a process. Here’s a step, by step guide to help you;


  1. Access Facebook Messenger; Ensure that you have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your device or if you’re using a computer you can access Messenger via the Facebook website. Log in to your Facebook account if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Start a New Conversation or Choose an Existing One; You have the option of sending the video within an existing chat or initiating a conversation with the recipient.
  3. Select the Recipient; In the chat window. Choose the recipients name from your conversations or utilize the search bar to find and select the individual you wish to send the video to.
  4. Attach Your Video; Look for the icon at the bottom of your chat window. Usually this icon appears as either a paperclip or camera symbol. Tap on it.
  5. Select Your Video; You’ll see options that allow you to pick and choose which video, from your device you want to share.

To access your devices gallery you can. Tap on “Gallery” or “Camera Roll ” depending on the options, for your specific device.

 6; Browse through your gallery to find and select the video you want to send. Typically you can simply tap on the video to choose it.

7; Adding a message along with the video is optional. Can be helpful in providing context, for the recipient. Feel free to type a message if you wish. It is not necessary.

If desired include a message along, with your video by typing it in the designated area provided.

  1. Send Your Video; When everything is ready click on. Tap the “Send” button (typically symbolized by an icon resembling a paper airplane) to dispatch your video.
  2. Wait for Confirmation; Look out for confirmation that your video has been successfully sent.

The person who receives the message will get a notification. Can watch the video within the chat.

  1. Checking Sent Videos; If you want to see the videos you’ve sent simply scroll up in the chat to find your video history.

Keep in mind that the steps may differ depending on which version of the Messenger app you’re using and the operating system of your device. Always make sure you have the required permissions to access your devices gallery and camera for sending videos. Additionally,




Sharing videos via Facebook Messenger offers an engaging means of communication with friends and family. Whether you’re sending a memory, a clip or an important message the process is straightforward and user friendly. As technology continues to reshape how we connect with one another platforms like Messenger play a role, in enriching our interactions and making them more personal. By following the steps outlined in this guide you can elevate your Messenger experience. Effortlessly share the meaningful moments of your life through the power of video.

Sure feel free to start sending those videos and continue nurturing those connections to keep them strong and full of life.


Sure! Here are some asked questions (FAQs), about sending videos on Facebook Messenger;


  1. How can I share a video on Facebook Messenger?

  To share a video on Facebook Messenger you can either open the Messenger app or access it through the Facebook website. Initiate a conversation with the person you want to send the video to click on the attachment icon (usually represented by a paperclip or camera) choose the video from your device optionally add a message if you want and then hit send.


  1. What is the maximum size of videos that can be sent via Facebook Messenger?

  The maximum size of videos that can be sent via Facebook Messenger may vary depending on your device and platform. However it’s important to note that Facebook often compresses and optimizes videos for transmission, which might result in quality. It is generally recommended to keep video files small within a few minutes.

  1. Can I send videos from my computer using Facebook Messenger?

  Absolutely! You have the option to send videos from your computer using the Facebook website. Start a conversation, with someone click on the attachment icon (shaped like a paperclip) select the desired video file from your computers storage add any accompanying message you’d like to include and then proceed to send it.

4.To send a video from your camera roll or gallery you can follow these steps;


  1. Open the Messenger app. Start a conversation.
  2. Look for the attachment icon usually located in the chatbox.
  3. Tap, on the icon to access the options menu.
  4. From the options menu select either “Gallery” or “Camera Roll.”
  5. Once you’ve chosen this option you’ll be able to browse through your devices gallery.

6.. Select the video you want to send tapping on it.

  1. After selecting the video it will be attached to your message automatically.
  2. Finally hit the send button to share the video with your recipient.

That’s it! Following these steps will allow you to easily send a video from your camera roll or gallery using Messenger.

  1. What types of video files can I share on Facebook Messenger?

  Facebook Messenger generally supports video file formats such, as MP4 and MOV. If your video is in a format that is not supported you might need to convert it before sending.

  1. Is it possible to send a video in a group chat on Facebook Messenger?

  Absolutely! You can easily share a video in a group chat on Facebook Messenger. Simply. Initiate a conversation with the group and follow the steps you would for sending a video in a one on one chat.

  1. Why does it take long for my video to send on Messenger?

  The time it takes for your video to be sent through Messenger can vary depending on factors like your internet connection and the size of the video file. Uploading videos or having internet speeds may lead to longer upload times. Just remember that patience is key!

8. Can I make edits. Trim my videos before sending them on Messenger?

  While Messenger doesn’t offer built in editing features, for videos you can edit or trim your videos using video editing applications before sending them. This allows you to reduce the file size and enhance the content of your videos.


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