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In the paced realm of conversations, where words come alive and emotions take center stage there exists a fascinating form of expression that adds vibrancy, charm and a touch of whimsy to our chats. We’re talking about stickers. Those creations that have left their mark on WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms. Stickers go beyond being images; they represent a language of laughter, friendship and shared moments. Come join us as we delve into the enchanting world of WhatsApp stickers, where every conversation transforms into a canvas and each sticker narrates its story. Today we’ll explore how to use these captivating stickers in WhatsApp. Those marvels that bring joy to our faces and ignite creativity, in our dialogues.

WhatsApp stickers are all the rage now among Android and iOS users. You can add these stickers to videos and images before placing them on your WhatsApp status or chat. WhatsApp stickers are just as easy to use as the emojis. If you are new to these stickers, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Use Stickers In WhatsappThis article will explain how to use WhatsApp stickers and suggest how to get them.

Types of WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers come pre-installed. You should download more stickers by opening WhatsApp Sticker Store. Some pre-installed sticker packs include:

  • Komo
  • Koko
  • Cuppym Salty
  • Unchi & Rollie
  • Bibimbap Friends
  • Hatch
  • Shiba Inu
  • Biscuit
  • Banana
  • Fearless
  • The Maladroits.

WhatsApp users can download extra stickers from third-party stores if they wish. All they need to do is tap “Get more Stickers” on their respective operating systems.

How to Find and Use WhatsApp Stickers

How to find WhatsApp Stickers depends on how you access this Instant messaging app. Most users access it on Android or Apple devices. Those who use WhatsApp for PC or the web can also send stickers. Below are instructions for mobile device users.

    1. Load WhatsApp on your mobile.
      How To Use Stickers In Whatsapp
    1. Select the chat you want to enhance with a sticker.
    2. If using an Android device, move to the left side and touch the “Emoji” button. If on iOS, move to the right side of your typing box and tap “Emoji.”
    3. Tap the “Sticker” symbol to view the available sticker packs. Alternatively, enter a phrase describing the sticker you are searching for to find it fast.
    4. You will now view all the available sticker packs arranged at the top area. So, touch the sticker pack you like to open it.
    5. Now choose your favorite sticker.

If you access WhatsApp on PC, you should add stickers to your media like this:

    1. Load your WhatsApp on your PC and pick the chat to which you want to add a sticker.
    2. Next to the typing box, click the “Emoji” button.
    3. Move to “Stickers” and click to view different sticker categories. You can also look for your favorite stickers on the WhatsApp store by entering their description on the search bar.
    4. Select the stickers you like best.

How to Use Different Sticker Icons

To make WhatsApp Stickers feature comprehensible, you should know how to use the following icons.

Clock: Recently Used Stickers

The Clock icon appears beneath the Sticker tab. If you want to view all the stickers sent to others a few days ago, tap the Clock icon. When you select a new sticker, WhatsApp will add a reminder to “Recent” within the Clock icon. So, to avoid resending a sticker or reusing it, do it this way:

    1. Click the “Clock” button and choose “Recent.”
    2. Choose any sticker you want to reuse and follow the steps explained above.
    3. If you don’t plan to use the selected sticker any longer, you should delete it like this:
    4. You can remove any sticker from the “Recent” folder by highlighting and holding it for a few seconds.
    5. A pop-up window will emerge with “Remove” and “Add” sticker options. Choose “Remove” to delete it.


Star: Add Favorite Stickers

The WhatsApp Sticker Store has many sticker types. As you explore them, you might find a lot of stickers you want to use later. To ensure you don’t forget these stickers, make them your favorites. This is where the Star icon comes in. It is beside the Clock icon. Here’s how to use it:

    1. Tap the “Star” icon on the bar.
      How To Use Stickers In Whatsapp
    1. You can now view all your installed sticker packs. Tap and hold the sticker you like.
    2. Press “Add” to transfer it to your “Favorites” section.
    3. An alternative way to save your favorite sticker is to locate it in WhatsApp chats.
    4. Then, touch and hold it until you view the “Add To Favorites” option.
    5. If you make a mistake, click “Cancel.”

Let’s assume you want to use a sticker from your Favorites.

    1. Explore the sticker categories or packs stored in the “Favorites” area.
    2. Select the sticker you dislike.
    3. Press and hold it until a pop-up window comes.
    4. Now hit the “Remove” option.

Heart: Sticker Organizer

The WhatsApp Stickers feature uses the Heart icon to organize different sticker packs. It puts these in unique categories. Thus, you can choose a category to view the sticker that best suits your video or image theme. Here’s how to do this:

    1. Touch the “Heart” button next to the “Star” icon.
    2. You will see different categories. Click on the sticker category you like.
    3. Explore different stickers. Choose another category and repeat.

How to Add More Stickers

You might be so active on WhatsApp that the pre-installed stickers may not meet your needs. Luckily, you can download more stickers from WhatsApp Store or third-party stores. Additionally, you can save the stickers you’ve received from other WhatsApp users. Likewise, you can design your WhatsApp stickers using third-party applications.

Add from WhatsApp Store

Here’s how to download stickers from WhatsApp Store:

    1. Load your WhatsApp and access the “Stickers” option.
    2. Find the “All Stickers” tab by clicking the + icon at the top.
    3. Locate the “Download” symbol near the sticker pack you plan to install and click it.
    4. Wait for the downloaded sticker to appear on your screen.Download an animated sticker pack by clicking the “Play” button near it.

Add from Third-party Stores

Generally, this is how to add a third-party WhatsApp sticker pack to the IM app:

    1. Open the “Stickers” tab and choose “All Stickers.”
    1. Scroll to the lower area and click “Discover Sticker Apps.”
    1. If you are on Android, you will land on Google Play Store. On the other hand, you will need to visit the App Store if using an iOS device.
    2. Select the sticker app you desire from a long list. Then, tap “Install” to download it on the phone.
    3. Import your stickers to WhatsApp using the method your newly installed app enables. To do so, you will tap the sticker pack and select “Add Pack.”
    4. Check your “Sticker” screen again. You will view the imported sticker pack on this screen. Tap it to view what’s inside.


Add from Received Stickers

Your WhatsApp friends will send you stickers in chats. You can download them as sticker packs this way:

    1. Identify your favorite received sticker and tap it.
    2. On the pop-up window, touch “View sticker pack.”
    3. Two buttons will emerge: “Download” and “Add.” Choose “Add” to add the sticker pack to your “Favorite” section.
    4. To see the app containing this sticker, tap “View More.
    5. After viewing the app, click “Install.
    6. After that, import it to WhatsApp, as shown above.

Create Your WhatsApp Stickers

If you dislike WhatsApp, third-party, and received sticker packs, your last option is to design some yourself. You will use a computer this way:

    1. Open your WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp desktop application.
    2. Click on a chat and tap “Emoji.”
    3. Tap the “Sticker” button at the top and press the “+ Create” icon.
    4. Upload the image you will use to make a sticker from PC
    5. The sticker editing screen will appear. It has many editing tools, including crop, undo, redo, etc.
    6. Once you design your sticker, click “Done.”
    7. Transfer your new sticker to those you wish by tapping “Send.”


What third-party app can I use to make WhatsApp stickers?

You have numerous third-party apps on the Google Play Store and App Store. However, the most popular ones for both operating systems are and StickersApp.

Can I transfer WhatsApp stickers from an old phone to a new one?

You don’t have to do much to transfer WhatsApp stickers from your older phone to a new device. Simply back up your WhatsApp to allow the automatic transfer of all stickers.

Enjoy WhatsApp Stickers

You can send sticker packs with your chats or show them off on your WhatsApp status. Your WhatsApp has 13 pre-installed stickers. If you want more, get them in Whatsapp Stickers Store or install a third-party app from Play Store or App Store. WhatsApp Web and Desktop app users can also enjoy similar benefits.

Have you used a WhatsApp Sticker pack before? How good or bad was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Here’s a guide, on how to make the most of stickers in WhatsApp;

  1. Start by unlocking your phone and locating the WhatsApp app on your home screen. Open the app by tapping on it.
  2. Inside WhatsApp you’ll find a list of your chats. Choose an existing chat to enter or initiate a chat by tapping either the pencil icon or the speech bubble icon depending on your device.
  3. To utilize stickers you’ll need to access the emoji keyboard within the chat itself. Locate the text input field at the bottom of your screen. Typically marked with a keyboard icon on its side. And tap it to open up the keyboard.
  4. Once you’ve entered the emoji keyboard observe icons or tabs positioned at the bottom of your screen. Look for one that resembles a face or features a sticker symbol. Tap on this icon to gain access to an assortment of stickers.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy sprucing up your chats with expressive stickers, in WhatsApp.

**Step 5; Pick a Sticker**

 Now you’ll find a variety of stickers to choose from. Take a look, at them. Find one that catches your eye. If you want to get a look just tap on the sticker.

**Step 6; Share a Sticker**

 When you’re ready to send a sticker simply give it a tap. It will show up in the chat conversation. You can send one sticker at a time. Include stickers by tapping on each one individually.

Step 7; Sending the Message

Once you’ve included the sticker in your message feel free to add any text you want to send along with it. When you’re ready simply tap the send button (usually represented by an arrow or a paper plane icon) to dispatch the sticker and your message together.

Step 8; Exploring Different Sticker Packs

WhatsApp frequently provides sticker packs that you can download and use. To access more of these packs just tap on the “+” (plus) sign or the “Add” button adjacent, to the sticker collection. This will redirect you to the Sticker Store, where you can explore and download packs according to your preference.

Step 9; Managing Your Stickers

To conveniently manage your stickers simply tap on the sticker icon again in the emoji keyboard. This will allow you to access used stickers and browse through all packs at your leisure.

Step 10; Adding Stickers to Favorites (Optional)

If there are stickers that you adore and would like access, to consider adding them to your favorites list. To do this select a sticker. Then click on the star icon or choose “Add to Favorites.”

That’s all!You’ve probably had a time using stickers, on WhatsApp to bring some fun and personal touch to your conversations. Why not try out various sticker packs to make your messages more interesting and imaginative?


As we conclude our expedition through the universe of WhatsApp stickers it serves as a reminder that technology at its finest enriches our ability to express ourselves and forge connections with others. Stickers are not merely images; they embody laughter, inside jokes. Shared moments. Elements that infuse our digital interactions with warmth and intimacy akin to face, to face conversations.

In this era of emojis and stickers we discover ways to connect emotionally through our screens forming a unique digital communication style. Therefore whenever you engage in a conversation, with a friend, on WhatsApp feel free to incorporate a couple of stickers. Allow your imagination to run wild and let your messages weave captivating narratives that bring happiness and amusement to the recipients


Q1. Can you please explain what stickers are, in WhatsApp and how they differ from emojis?

A1. Stickers in WhatsApp refer, to expressive images that can be sent in chats to convey emotions, messages or simply for fun. On the hand emojis are icons that represent objects in a simpler manner.

Q2. How do I find stickers, in WhatsApp?

A2. To access stickers in WhatsApp open a chat. Tap on the emoji icon or the smiley face icon within the text input field. Next select the sticker icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Q3. Is it possible to create my stickers on WhatsApp?

A3. You can make your custom stickers for WhatsApp by using third party sticker maker apps that’re available. Once you’ve created them you can. Use these stickers in WhatsApp.

Q4. How can I download more sticker packs for WhatsApp?

A4. If you want to download additional sticker packs for WhatsApp simply tap on the “+” (plus) sign or “Add” button found in the sticker selection menu. This will take you to the Sticker Store where you can browse and download packs.

Q5; Can I add my stickers for access?

A5; Absolutely! You have the option to add your stickers by selecting a sticker and then tapping on either the star icon or “Add to Favorites.” This will allow you quick access, to your set of stickers.

Q6;Are stickers available, on all versions of WhatsApp and devices?

Yes stickers are available on versions of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS devices. However the availability of sticker features may vary depending on the version of WhatsApp and device you are using.

Q7.Can I use stickers on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop?

Absolutely! You can use stickers, on both WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. The sticker feature is fully supported in these versions well.

Q8.Is it possible to combine stickers with text in the message?

Definitely! You have the option to combine stickers with text in a message. It’s a way to add some flair while still including your own personalized message.

Q9. Will stickers consume storage space on my device?

*A9.* Stickers do occupy a portion of storage space, on your device. It usually has a negligible impact compared to media files such as photos and videos.

Q10. Is it possible to utilize stickers in WhatsApp group chats?

*A10.* Absolutely! You can use stickers in group chats on WhatsApp as you would in one, on one conversations. Stickers can inject a sense of fun and expression into your group discussions.

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