How To Verify WhatsApp Without Using Your Phone Number


Hey there all you privacy conscious individuals there! Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use WhatsApp without revealing your phone number? Well you’ve come to the place. In this guide we’ll show you a workaround to verify WhatsApp without having to share your actual phone number. This neat little method can be incredibly useful if you value your privacy or if you’re using WhatsApp on an secondary device. So if you’re curious and ready to safeguard your information keep reading to discover how to verify WhatsApp without using your phone number!

Google Voice or Skype;

  • Google Voice and Skype offer numbers that can be used online for network calls, within their specific platforms as well, as making calls outside of them towards mobile or landline numbers.
  • If you already have this option available there’s an straightforward method to register WhatsApp without using your phone number.
  • The steps are similar, to those mentioned for numbers. Simply set your country code in WhatsApp. Eliminate the 0″ from your Google Voice or Skype number. Then open the phone application. Wait for the SMS to be received.

To use WhatsApp without providing your phone number you will usually encounter a phone verification screen during the installation process. This screen prompts you to enter your phone number and country after which WhatsApp sends a verification code to your device. If you’re using the device, for registration as the one associated with the phone number WhatsApp automatically detects it. Verifies your phone.

In case the SMS isn’t automatically detected by WhatsApp you can simply enter the received code into the app to complete your registration. While this system generally works well there may be inconveniences.

There are methods to register on WhatsApp without using your actual phone number. Options include utilizing a SMS service, a connection, services like Google Voice or Skype or even using a payphone or someone elses number.

For instance numerous websites offer SMS services that can be easily found online. You can utilize services to obtain a number for WhatsApp verification purposes. Alternatively if you have a Skype number and available credit on Skype that can also be used for verification purposes. Texport is one example of such a service that provides assistance by allowing up to three text messages sent and unlimited texts received during each free session. Simply add the provided number to the WhatsApp verification screen. Keep track of any updates, on their website.

You should receive the WhatsApp verification code in one to two minutes. When you receive it enter the code. The app will proceed with the verification process.

 Online SMS

There are websites, on the internet where you can find SMS services. It’s quite convenient to locate a SMS provider and use their number for WhatsApp verification. Alternatively if you have a Skype number and credit that can also be utilized. Texport is an example of such a service that allows you to send up to three texts and receive texts during each free session. Simply add the provided number to the WhatsApp verification screen. Keep an eye on the website. The verification code for WhatsApp should arrive within a minute or two. Once you receive it enter the code into the app for verification.


If you have a number and don’t mind sharing it that can work well. Depending on your location your telephone provider may offer a system where SMS messages can be read aloud on your phone. This method may vary depending on your carrier. Is often available, as an accessibility feature.

When using WhatsApp remember to select your country and remove any leading “0” from your phone number before entering it. WhatsApp will automatically add the country code for you. Then you’re good to go. You should receive a call that provides the verification code verbally. Enter this code into the app. Now you’re successfully registered.

Alternatively you have the option to utilize WhatsApps verification method by receiving a phone call. This proves to be a solution if you possess a landline that lacks the accessibility features mentioned earlier. Simply request the application to send the verification via telephone.


Congratulations! You’ve just acquired the knowledge of how to verify WhatsApp without relying on your phone number! This ingenious trick can be a choice if you want to maintain a level of privacy while using the app or when utilizing a temporary number. However it’s crucial that you exercise responsibility and always adhere to WhatsApps terms of service. Now go ahead. Enjoy all the benefits that WhatsApp has to offer while keeping your phone number private. Have fun chatting away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Verifying WhatsApp without Using a Phone Number

  1. Is it possible to verify WhatsApp without a phone number?

Absolutely! You can definitely verify WhatsApp without relying on a phone number. There are methods that you can explore, like using a phone number or an email address, for the verification process.

  1. What exactly is a virtual phone number?

In essence, a virtual phone number is a backup number that isn’t linked to a SIM card. When you need to receive phone calls and texts for verification, it is useful.

  1. How can I go about verifying WhatsApp using a phone number?

To verify your WhatsApp account using a phone number you’ll first need to sign up for a service that provides these numbers. Once you have one use it during the registration process to receive the verification code from WhatsApp.

  1. Are there any applications or services that offer phone numbers for WhatsApp verification?

Yes, indeed! There are apps and services that offer virtual phone numbers tailored for verifying your WhatsApp account. Some popular options include Google Voice, TextNow and Burner. These platforms allow you to receive the verification codes hassle 

  1. Can I utilize an email address, for verifying my WhatsApp account ?

You can also verify your WhatsApp account by using an email address. Simply choose the “Verify via Email” option, during the verification process. Follow the provided instructions.

  1. What are the benefits of opting for an email address to verify your WhatsApp account?

Using an email address adds a layer of security. Offers a more private alternative compared to using your phone number. It also simplifies the process of account recovery in case you lose access, to your phone number.

  1. Is it possible to use WhatsApp without undergoing any form of verification?

WhatsApp necessitates some form of verification either through a phone number or an email address in order to ensure platform security and establish ownership of the account.

  1. What can I do if I prefer not to utilize my phone number or email address, for verification purposes?

If privacy is a concern you can consider utilizing disposable email addresses or virtual phone numbers.

  1. Are there any risks associated with using phone numbers or email addresses for WhatsApp verification?

While these methods are generally safe there may be limitations involved. It’s important to select reputable services. Moreover keep yourself updated on any policy changes implemented by WhatsApp over time.


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