Instagram Adds WhatsApp-Style “Last Seen” Feature: Here’s How To Turn It Off


Instagram recently released an update that bears a resemblance, to WhatsApps “Last Seen” feature. This new addition aims to offer users real time information about their activity on the platform making the interactive experience even better for millions of people. However not everyone may want their online status to be visible to followers or contacts. If you value your privacy and wish to have control over your presence you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll explore how you can disable Instagrams “Last Seen” feature and regain some anonymity while still enjoying all the aspects Instagram has in store.

Instagram has introduced a feature called “Last Seen,” which takes inspiration from WhatsApp. This feature allows your followers to know the time you were active, on the platform.

 If you prefer to keep this information private here’s how you can disable the “Last Seen” feature on Instagram;

Step 1; Launch Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your device.

Step 2; Access Your Profile

Tap on your profile icon located at the corner of the screen to enter your profile.

Step 3; Enter Settings

Within your profile you’ll notice three lines forming a menu icon at the right corner. Tap on it to reveal a menu.

Step 4; Navigate to Settings

Scroll down through the menu until you find “Settings.” Tap on it to access Instagrams settings.

Step 5; Privacy Options

Inside the Settings menu there are options. Choose “Privacy.”

Step 6; Manage Activity Status

Within the “Privacy” section locate an option called “Activity Status.” Tap, on it.**Step 7; Disable the “Show Activity Status” Option**

Locate the option labeled “Show Activity Status.” To prevent others from seeing your seen information switch off this feature. Once disabled your last seen details will no longer be visible, to anyone.

Step 8; Verify Your Decision

Instagram will present a confirmation prompt to ensure that you indeed want to disable this feature. Confirm your choice by tapping either “Turn Off” or “Yes.”

Step 9; Disabling the “Last Seen” Feature

After completing these instructions you will successfully disable the “Last Seen” feature, on your Instagram account ensuring that your followers no longer have visibility into your activity on the platform.

Step 10; Enhanced Privacy for a Better Experience

If you disable the “Last Seen” feature on Instagram, you’ll now have more privacy while using the app.

Keep in mind that disabling the Last Seen feature also means that you won’t be able to see users’ activity statuses.You can easily reverse this process. Re enable the feature at any time by following these steps and toggling the switch on.

Understanding Instagrams “Last Seen” Feature and How It Works

  1. What is Instagrams “Last Seen” Feature?

Instagrams “Last Seen” feature is a tool that displays your followers or contacts the time you were active, on the platform. Similar to WhatsApps “Last Seen” status it can be useful for people about others online activity. However it also raises privacy concerns as not everyone may want their online actions visible to others. Lets explore how this feature operates and how you can manage it;

2.How Does the “Last Seen” Feature Work?

  1. Visibility; When the “Last Seen” feature is activated your followers or contacts can view a timestamp indicating your activity on Instagram. This includes actions, like opening the app or viewing Instagram stories.
  2. Real Time Updates; The feature provides updates so if you use Instagram and then exit the app, your “Last Seen” status will reflect the moment you were last engaged.
  3. status Indicators; When you look at your message list you might notice indicators next, to your contacts. These indicators can include a dot, which means they are online a timestamp that shows when they were last active or the word “Active” if they are currently using the app.

Managing Your “Last Seen” Status;

  1. Disabling it;  If you prefer to keep your activity private you have the option to turn off the “Last Seen” feature. Here’s how;

Visit your Instagram profile.

Open the Settings menu.

  1. To manage your privacy settings navigate to the “Privacy” section.

Locate the option called “Activity Status.”

Disable the “Show Activity Status” toggle.

  1. Impact, on Others; When you deactivate your “Last Seen” feature you won’t be able to view the activity status of users. Additionally your own seen information will be hidden from those who follow you.

Privacy Considerations;

  Visibility; If both you and another Instagram user follow each other both parties can see each others “Last Seen” status unless either one or both of you disable this feature.

 Non Followers;  Users who don’t follow each other will not have access to view each others “Last Seen” status.

 Direct Messages; Disabling the “Last Seen” feature does not impact your ability to send and receive Direct Messages. The DM functionality will remain unaffected and accessible.

Advantages of Disabling “Last Seen” on Instagram;

 Improved Privacy; By turning off the “Last Seen” feature you can use Instagram without the concern of others knowing your activity status.

 Personal Control; You gain authority, over the information you choose to share allowing you to manage your presence according to your preferences.

 Avoiding Unwanted Interactions; Disabling the “Last Seen” feature helps in avoiding unnecessary conversations or messages based on when you were last active.

In summary Instagrams “Last Seen” feature offers real time insights into user activity. Not everyone desires this level of visibility. By comprehending how this feature operates and effectively managing it you can customize your privacy settings, on Instagram to match your preferences.

  1. What does Instagrams “Last Seen” feature do?

  The “Last Seen” feature, on Instagram allows your followers to see the time when you were last active on the platform. It works similarly to WhatsApps “Last Seen” status.

  1. Can I choose which followers or contacts can see my “Last Seen” status on Instagram?

  No you cannot customize the visibility of your “Last Seen” status, for followers or contacts. It is a or nothing setting; if turned off it applies to all of your followers.

  1. Why would someone want to disable the “Last Seen” feature, on Instagram?

  Some individuals prefer to maintain their activities as private and not disclose when they were last active to their followers. Disabling this feature can help protect your privacy.

  1. Can I continue using Instagram after disabling the “Last Seen” feature?

  disabling the “Last Seen” feature does not impact your ability to use Instagram or any other functionalities. You can still post, comment, like and engage with others like before.

  1. How can I disable the “Last Seen” feature on Instagram?

  To disable the “Last Seen” feature on Instagram navigate to your profile access Settings then go to Privacy. Turn off the option that says “Show Activity Status.”

  1. Will my followers or contacts be notified when I deactivate my “Last Seen” status?

  No Instagram does not send notifications, to your followers or contacts when you deactivate your “Last Seen” status. The change remains private.

  1. Can I still view the status of people after disabling my “Last Seen” feature?

  2. No once you disable your “Last Seen” feature you won’t be able to see the status of others on the platform.

10.Can I re enable the “Last Seen” feature if I change my mind? 

Yes you have the option to turn on the “Last Seen” feature by following the steps and toggling the switch for “Show Activity Status.”

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