What is a URL

What is a URL: When you tell your browser to get a page from a server, you type in a string, an address called the URL.

The URL has a first part that decides the protocol.

If it starts with http:// or https://, it means we’re choosing to use either HTTP or HTTPS (which is secure HTTP).

Next comes the server address, which can be a domain name or an IP.

For example, it could be google.com or

When you put the protocol and address together, it looks like this: https://google.com.

After that, there’s the document path on the server. Anything added to the address part indicates the specific location of the document.

Certainly! Let’s update the example:

As an example, I have a page on my website codinginterviewpro.com, and its URL is: https://codinginterviewpro.com/debugging/

Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. https is the protocol.
  2. codinginterviewpro.com is the domain name that directs to the server.
  3. /debugging/ is the document URL relative to the server’s root path.

The web server takes care of understanding the request, analyzing it, and then providing the right response back to the client.

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