When WhatsApp Gets Hacked, Here’s What To Do


Hey, fellow WhatsApp users! It’s definitely not a feeling to find out that your WhatsApp has been hacked. In this guide we’ll discuss the steps to take if you suspect that your WhatsApp account has been compromised. We’ll guide you through securing your account and minimizing any damage. Remember, it’s crucial to act in order to protect your information and digital privacy. So lets explore the realm of WhatsApp security and learn what actions to take when you suspect a hack, on your WhatsApp account.

1.How to Determine if Your Account has been Compromised

One of the signs that your WhatsApp account may have been compromised is if you notice contacts, in your list. When you log into WhatsApp on a device it automatically adds your contacts. Another indication is receiving messages that you didn’t send. If you open WhatsApp and come across messages it’s highly likely that someone else is using your account.

  1. Another clear signal of a compromised WhatsApp account is receiving communications from the company itself. For example if you receive an email regarding changes made to your account it’s advisable to take action as a measure.

3.Lastly there is also the possibility of the company experiencing a security breach where hackers gain access to user data on a scale. Unfortunately detecting this kind of activity can be challenging. Nevertheless WhatsApp will notify you if they suspect that your account has been compromised.

For information on identifying activity, on WhatsApp refer to our guide.

1.What to Do If Your WhatsApp Account Gets Hacked

Now that we’ve discussed how to identify signs of a hack lets focus on taking steps and safeguarding your account.

Make sure to respond in order to safeguard your information and regain control over your account.

2.Inform Your Contacts

A scam involves hackers posing as your contacts and requesting a verification code. WhatsApps security measures make it possible for someone to log in using a phone number and verification code.

3.Inform Your Contacts

A new scam involves hackers posing as your contacts and requesting a verification code. WhatsApps security features make it possible, for anyone with a phone number and verification code to log in.

4.When someone compromises your WhatsApp account they can send messages to your contacts claiming that the company sent a verification code thereby gaining access to their accounts. That’s why it’s important to inform your friends and family that you no longer have control over your account. This step helps prevent exploitation of both your account and others.

5.Another reason for notifying your contacts about the loss of access to your WhatsApp account is the possibility of hackers attempting to acquire information from them. From banking details to email addresses these clever hackers will try their best to gain access, to your information.

6.Avoid Logging Out and Logging Back In If You’re Receiving Verification Codes

While it may appear unusual one tactic employed by hackers is using verification codes as a means of locking you out in order to gain access. This approach works because WhatsApp restricts the number of verification codes that can be sent simultaneously.

If the hacker exhausts all your attempts you will need to wait for a duration of 12 hours before receiving another one. However given the hackers level of preparedness surpassing yours they will be able to obtain the codes and gain access, to your account successfully. 

They possess an advantage in this scenario.



That’s all, for our guide on what to do if your WhatsApp gets hacked. While having a hacked WhatsApp account can be unsettling by following the steps we’ve outlined you can regain control of your account safeguard your information and prevent any security breaches. Remember to update your security settings use unique passwords and stay alert, for any suspicious activities. By doing you’ll be able to continue enjoying the benefits of WhatsApp in an secure manner online. Take care!


Sure! Here are some common questions people have when they suspect their WhatsApp account has been hacked;

Question 1; How can I know if someone has hacked my WhatsApp account?

Answer 1; There are a signs that may indicate a hacked WhatsApp account, such, as receiving messages or calls from unknown contacts noticing changes in your profile picture or status that you didn’t make and being logged out of your account without your permission.

Question 2; What’s the step I should take if I suspect my WhatsApp has been hacked?

Answer 2; If you suspect that your WhatsApp account has been hacked the initial action should be to change your password and log out of all sessions on your account.

Question 3; How can I change my WhatsApp password?

Answer 3; To change your WhatsApp password go to the settings, in WhatsApp > Account > Change password. Follow the instructions provided to set a password.

Question 4; Should I reach out to WhatsApp support if my account gets hacked?

Answer 4; Yes it is advisable to contact the WhatsApp support team and report the incident of hacking. They can offer guidance. Assist you in recovering your account.

To enhance security you have the option to enable two step verification, on WhatsApp. Simply navigate to Settings > Account > Two step verification. Follow the provided instructions to set it up. This additional security feature adds a layer of protection, to your account.


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