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Notion stands out with a plethora of options for customizations and integrations in the sea of competing productivity apps. Whenever you create a new page or database in Notion, you can add an icon that can better represent what that workspace is about. It allows users to browse through pages faster and helps them effortlessly remember what each page note, page, or workspace represents. The good news is that you can always change the icon you’ve selected – in fact, you can even import new icons. In this article, we’ll show you how to manage icons in Notion, including using specific tools that expand your options even further.

How to Add an Icon in Notion

To understand how to add an icon in Notion successfully, we must first cover the process of creating a new workspace in the app. Notion is made from pages and blocks. You can have an empty page, or you can use a template. You can use a more advanced type of page called a database, which resembles a spreadsheet. They come in different versions. Regardless of what type of page you create, you can choose to add an icon to the same page. Here’s how:

  • Everything you need is on the panel on the left side of the screen. Select “+ Add a page” from one of the listed options. Or choose “+ New Page” at the very bottom of the page in the left corner.
  • Select what type of page you want. You can select “Empty with an icon,” and Notion will choose a random icon for you. If you choose one of the templates, Notion will assign a corresponding icon. You can also select only “Empty,” and this prompt will give you a blank page and no icon.
  • If you’ve selected “Empty,” hover over the “Untitled” section of the page. You can add a title if you want first. Just under the title, you will see the “Add icon” option that you should select.
  • Notion will add a random icon. Click on the icon again, and a pop-up window with the list of other icons will appear. From there, you can choose the one you prefer.

If you don’t want an icon, on the pop-up window, select “Remove.” Also, if you’re not sure which icon to choose, but you don’t like the first one Notion offered, you can let Notion select for you again by choosing the “Random” option.

How to Add Icons to Your Notion Notes

One of the reasons why so many users love Notion is how easy it is to write notes. It even has a built-in workspace called “Quick Note.” It comes with an assigned “pin” icon already, but you can change that by clicking on the icon and selecting another. You can also remove it entirely or choose a random option. The “Quick Note” option provides a fast way to write text, make to-do lists, create sub-pages, and embed links. And you can add any icon you want to represent it.

The Best Tools to Easily Add Icons to Notion

Even though Notion has many icons you can browse through and select, you can’t always find the right one. And when it comes to maximizing your productivity, no detail is too small. What you can do is import icon packs from other places. For example, one of the best tools that are also the easiest to implement is What you need to do is navigate to this page and select light or dark mode, depending on the one you’re using in your app. Then, you can browse through categories. There are brands & social media icons, holidays, nature, numbers, and many others. When you find the icon you want, here’s what you do:

  • Next, go to the Notion page where you want to add or change the icon. Click on the icon and then select the “Link” tab.
  • Paste the link and click on “Submit.”

You will see the new icon appear above the title of your workspace and on the left side panel. Another tool is Flaticon. There are so many fantastic icon packs you can download from this source. Some are free, and others require a subscription. When you find the icon pack you like for Notion, all you need to do is download it to your computer. Then you have to click on the existing icon or hover the cursor above the title and select “Upload an image.” These icons are designed to be of the recommended size for the icons, which is 280 x 280 pixels.

Additional FAQs

When you’re writing text in Notion, you might want to add an emoji to emphasize a specific mood or feeling. Fortunately, that’s a simple process and can be done in two ways. One option is to hit the “/” key on your keyboard and select the “Emoji” option from the drop-down menu. Another window will pop-up, and you can use the cursor to choose the emoji you wish. Another option is to use an emoji shortcut. On Windows computers, that is “windows key” +. “And on Mac “ctrl + cmd + space.” The emoji menu will automatically appear, and you can make your choice.

There are many creative ways you can customize Notion. In terms of text customization, you have the basic bold letters and strikethrough options. You also have three font styles to use. Plus, there’s an option to adjust the page width, but you can’t set up that as default. One of the best ways you can actually customize Notion is to make the most of icons and emojis. And if you’re not sure where to start, one of the many Notion templates can be a great foundation on which you can build.

3. How Do You Use Notion Effectively?

Notion’s tagline revolves around the idea that it’s an all-in-one productivity app. It’s meant to encourage users to transfer the whole project from many different apps into the one that covers everything. But that only works if you know how to use Notion effectively. You can use Notion to create task lists, write down class notes, journal entries, create an effective habit tracker, weekly schedule, and even work on your Resume. The possibilities are endless, and you can achieve all this either by using one of the many templates or by building the workspace from scratch.

If you want to add a Notion icon to your desktop, there are two ways to go about it. The first one is to download the desktop version of Notion, which you can find here. Once you download the app, your computer will create a Notion desktop icon automatically. Another option is to create a shortcut to a specific Notion page that you may frequent and want to expedite the process. Here’s what you do:

  • Open a Notion page or note or database.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click the “Share” option.
  • From the pop-up window, click on “Copy link.”
  • Right-click on your desktop, and from the menu select “New” then “Shortcut.”
  • Paste the link and then click “Next.”
  • Rename the shortcut, and it will automatically appear on the desktop.

5. How Do You Make a New Icon?

Apart from being able to use Notion icon packs available online, you can also create your own icon. Essentially, what that means is that you can upload an image from your device and use it as an icon. Keep in mind that the recommended size is 280 x 280. The image quality can be different, but the icons only come in a squared shape, and you can’t crop or edit the image as you’d want. If you have skills in creating icons, you can add as many as you like by choosing the “Upload an image” option when you click on the icon space.

6. What’s the Problem With Adding Icons in Notion?

As mentioned, the common issue may be that you have the wrong size or format of the icon. PNG and JPEG file types are recommended as well. The other problem might have to do with whether you’re using dark mode or light mode in Notion. Some icons you’ve imported could show as invisible if they are the wrong version. Finally, the icon you’re uploading can’t exceed 5MB. If it’s bigger than that, Notion will not let you upload it.

Navigating Through Notion With Icons

Without icons right at the top of every new page, Notion wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun to use. A book icon can represent the list of books you’ve read this year. And importing a Twitter logo stand for all the draft tweets you’re going to post this week. There are many ways you can use icons and emojis in Notion, and now you know which steps to use to make that happen.

Do you use icons and emojis a lot in Notion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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