How To Change The Font In Notion


When you begin crafting your written content, you may consider adjusting the font to enhance its visual appeal or align it with your brand’s overall aesthetic. If you’re seeking guidance on how to modify the font in Notion, you’ve come to the correct resource.

In this article, we will guide you on how to customize fonts in Notion. We will explore various options such as changing the font type, adjusting the size, modifying the color and more.

How to Change Font in Notion

If you were looking forward to experimenting with different fonts in Notion, don’t expect a wide range of options. Unfortunately, there are only three default fonts available. This may disappoint some users who are accustomed to other word processing software that offers a vast selection of fonts. It seems that the developers of Notion prioritized other features related to the structure and organization of content rather than focusing on a wide variety of font choices.

Nevertheless, having three font types to choose from can save you time spent searching for the “perfect” one. The available options are designed to cater to different preferences and should satisfy most users tastes. Here’s how each font is described by Notion;

  • Default: The default sans-serif workhorse
  • Serif: Good for publishing
  • Mono: Good for drafting and notes

If you’re looking to modify the font in Notion, let me guide you through the steps;

To change the font of a specific page, follow these steps;

  • Open the page that you wish to modify the font of.
  • Locate and click on the page menu positioned at the top right hand corner; it is represented by three horizontal dots.
  • Within the menu, you will find three options; Default, Serif and Mono. Simply select your preferred option from these three and the font of the page will automatically be updated.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily change the font of any desired page.

How to Change the Default Font in Notion

If you’re accustomed to using Word as your primary word processing application, it’s likely that you’ll miss its various font customization options. You had the freedom to tweak the default settings in any way that suited your needs.

Regrettably, altering the default font in Notion isn’t possible. The app is set with a Sans Serif Workhorse font by default and the only option available is to change the font by selecting the page menu (located in the top right hand corner as three horizontal dots). However, there are some promising developments from Notion’s developers indicating that they are working on providing users with more control over customizing default settings.

How to Change Font Size in Notion

Sometimes, it can be useful to adjust the size of a particular line or section of text while you’re working. Currently, Notion only allows you to make your text smaller, which can come in handy if you want to fit more content on a single page or prefer a smaller font size for your content.

  • To change the font size of a specific page, first, open the menu for that page.
  • You can access the menu by clicking on the three horizontal dots located in the top right hand corner of the page. Once the menu appears, locate and activate the Small text toggle button.
  • This action will cause the text on your page to automatically reduce in size.

Note: Changing the text size and the font is only available for non-database pages.

How to Enlarge Fonts in Notion

Unfortunately, Notion currently does not have the feature to increase font sizes. However, you can check if the Small text toggle is turned on. If it is, you should disable it so that your text returns to its original, larger size.

  • To accomplish this, go to the page menu located in the upper right hand corner (indicated by three horizontal dots) and ensure that the toggle button adjacent to “Small text” is in the off position. The button should appear grey rather than blue.

How to Change the Font Color in Notion

Notion may not have a wide variety of fonts, but it more than compensates with its extensive selection of text colors. Whether you’re looking to emphasize specific text or change its color entirely, Notion has you covered.

If you want to change the font color of a particular line in Notion, simply follow these steps;

  • Highlight the text that you wish to modify. This can be a single word, a sentence or even an entire page.
  • Above the selected text, you’ll find a menu for the text editor. Click on the letter “A” option in this menu. A dropdown menu will appear with two sections; Color and Background.
  • To change the font color, choose any color from the Color section.
  • If you want to highlight the text instead, select a color from the Background section.

When you click on a particular choice, the font will automatically switch to the color you’ve selected.

If you wish to begin writing a new line of text with a specific color, here’s the easiest method to do it;

How to Change Font Style in Notion

If you’re looking to add emphasis to your text, such as making it bold or italicized, you can easily accomplish this in Notion. Here are a few simple shortcuts that allow you to modify your font style in Notion;

  • Bold: Control + b for Windows or Command + b for Mac
  • Italic: Control + i for Windows or Command + i for Mac.
  • Underline: Control + u for Windows or Command + u for Mac.
  • Strikethrough: Control + Shift + s for Windows or Command + Shift + s for Mac.
  • Display code in-line: Control + e for Windows or Command + e for Mac.
  • Add a comment: Control + Shift + m for Windows or Control + Shift + m for Mac.
  • Mention a page: @[page name]

Additional FAQ

Can I Change the Font Size on Mobile?

Unfortunately, the option to change the text size on Notion’s mobile version is currently unavailable. You can only make such adjustments when using the desktop or web versions.

Can I Change the Font Color on Mobile?

Yes, you can change the font color on Notion’s mobile version. Simply access the standard toolbar on your page, where you’ll find options to start a new line with a specific color or highlight text. Just tap on “Color” and select your preferred shade.

Customizing Font in Notion

If you read this article from start to finish, you’ll discover that some people consider one of Notion’s few drawbacks to be its limited font customization settings. While the app offers three fonts that are generally sufficient for most tasks, we understand why some users desire more options. Nonetheless, the app compensates for this by providing exceptional content management features.

Are you satisfied with Notion’s default font? Do you switch fonts when working on different tasks? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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