How To Embed A PDF In Notion


Notion is a versatile platform that allows users to create, organize, and collaborate on various types of content seamlessly. One of the powerful features of Notion is the ability to embed PDFs directly into your workspace. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on both desktop and mobile platforms, exploring how to add, resize, and control access to PDFs in Notion.

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop)

To embed a PDF in Notion on your desktop, follow these simple steps:

Add a PDF block:

  • Open your Notion workspace.
  • Navigate to the page where you want to embed the PDF.
  • Click the ‘+’ button to add a new block.
  • Search and select the ‘PDF’ block.

Add your PDF file:

  • Once the PDF block is added, click on it.
  • You’ll be prompted to upload a PDF file from your computer.
  • Select the desired PDF file and wait for it to upload.

Resize the Notion PDF preview:

  • Click on the embedded PDF block.
  • Adjust the size handles to resize the preview to your preference.

Control Access:

  • Click on the block, then click ‘Share.’
  • Choose the appropriate sharing settings to control who can access the embedded PDF.

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile

Embedding a PDF on Notion’s mobile app is just as straightforward:

Add a PDF block:

  • Open the Notion app on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to the desired page.
  • Tap the ‘+’ button to add a new block.
  • Select ‘PDF’ from the list of block types.

Add your PDF file:

  • Tap the new PDF block, then choose ‘Upload File.’
  • Select the PDF file you want to embed from your device.

Resize the Notion PDF preview:

  • Pinch or expand with two fingers to adjust the size of the PDF preview.

Control Access:

  • Tap the PDF block, then tap ‘Share.’
  • Manage access settings as needed.

What is the Best Way to Upload a PDF to Notion?

The most efficient way to upload a PDF to Notion is to follow the steps mentioned above, whether on desktop or mobile. The process is user-friendly and ensures seamless integration of PDFs into your Notion workspace.

Setting Notion Into Motion

Once you’ve successfully embedded your PDFs, Notion becomes a dynamic platform for document management and collaboration. Leverage the flexibility of the platform to organize, annotate, and discuss the content with your team or collaborators.


Incorporating PDFs into your Notion workspace enhances your ability to centralize information. Whether you’re working on a project, conducting research, or managing personal documents, embedding PDFs in Notion streamlines your workflow.


Q: Can I embed multiple PDFs on a single Notion page?

A: Yes, you can embed multiple PDFs on a Notion page by adding multiple PDF blocks.

Q: How do I remove access to a specific PDF in Notion?

A: Click on the PDF block, navigate to ‘Share,’ and adjust the sharing settings to limit or remove access.

Q: Can I annotate PDFs directly in Notion?

A: As of my knowledge Notion does not support direct annotation of PDFs. You may want to check for any updates or new features in the latest Notion releases.

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