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In the realm of productivity tools, Notion stands out as a versatile platform. Among its myriad features, learning How To Make A Page A Template In Notion can significantly enhance your productivity. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies, providing step-by-step insights to streamline your Notion experience. When you build a frequently used page in Notion, you might realize that having it as a template will save you time in the future. Well luckily for you, it can be done easily. You can convert that page into a template within a short time. This article covers how to make a page a template in Notion and so much more.

Unlocking Notion’s Potential:

Embark on a journey to harness the full potential of Notion. Understand its core features, and lay the foundation for creating templates that elevate your productivity.

Understanding Templates:

Delve into the concept of templates and how they can serve as blueprints for your Notion pages. Explore the various types and discover which suits your needs best.

Getting Started with Templates:

Navigate the initial steps of creating a template in Notion. From selecting the right structure to defining elements, we guide you through the essential setup process.

Customizing Your Templates:

Make your Notion templates truly yours. Learn customization techniques to tailor templates according to your unique workflow, ensuring seamless integration into your daily tasks.

Optimizing Workflow:

Unlock efficiency by incorporating your newly created templates into your daily routine. Streamline your workflow and witness the transformative impact on your productivity.

Maximizing Collaboration:

Discover collaborative features within Notion templates. Facilitate seamless teamwork, whether you’re working on a project with colleagues or managing personal tasks with a friend.

Advanced Features:

Dig deeper into Notion’s advanced features. From databases to integrations, explore how these functionalities can further enhance your template experience.


Encounter challenges? We’ve got you covered. Troubleshoot common issues and ensure a smooth experience while making a page a template in Notion.

Tips and Tricks:

Unearth valuable tips and tricks to make the most out of Notion’s template capabilities. Enhance your proficiency and efficiency with these expert insights.

Best Practices:

Follow best practices to ensure your Notion templates remain effective and organized. Maintain a structured approach for long-term success.

Notion Updates and Templates:

Stay abreast of Notion’s latest updates and how they might impact your templates. Adapt and evolve with the platform for a continuously optimized experience.

Community Insights:

Gain insights from the Notion community. Learn from others’ experiences and discover innovative ways to make your pages templates in Notion more effective.

Success Stories:

Explore real-life success stories of individuals and teams who have revolutionized their workflows through Notion templates. Be inspired to create your success story.

Future of Notion Templates:

Peer into the future of Notion templates. Anticipate upcoming features and trends that could further revolutionize the way you organize and work.

How To Make A Page A Template In Notion

Understanding the process of making a page a template in Notion is crucial for maximizing its potential. Follow these steps to effortlessly transform your Notion pages into efficient templates.

Making a Page a Template

Making a page a template means that you don’t have to repeat the monotonous parts when you want to create a similar page. This is how you do it:

  • In Notion, open the page you want to save as a template.
  • Select the three dots icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, click “Save as Template.”

After you save your page as a template, it’s automatically added to your workspace templates. You can find these in the “Templates” section. The “Templates” button is in the left sidebar. Clicking there allows you to access all templates.

The saved page template can be used at any time. This ensures there is consistent structure and improved productivity. This is how you create a new page with the template:

  • Select the “New Page” button. It’s on the left sidebar. This opens the “Templates” gallery.
  • Choose the new template.
  • Click on the “Get template” to create a page bearing the same content and structure as the template.
  • Customize the new page as you want.

Important note: It is possible to customize the placeholders as well. This makes it quite convenient to fill in more content as you create some new pages from your template. This is achieved by editing the template. You have to replace the existing placeholder text with the content you intend to use.

Making External Pages Templates in Notion

External pages can be copied into Notion and converted into templates as well. You can work with external pages as long as you have been granted access.

  • Find the page you want to copy and open.
  • Select the content. On Mac, press “Cmd+A” or “Ctrl+A” on Windows.
  • You should copy the selected content by pressing “Cmd+C” on Mac or “Ctrl+C” on Windows.
  • On Notion, create a page.
  • Press “Cmd+V” on Mac or “Ctrl+V” on Windows to paste the content you copied from the external page.
  • Edit the content and delete any parts that you don’t want in your template.
  • Select the three dots situated on the top right side of your screen. From the menu, click on “Save as Template.”

These steps add the template to your list and can be accessed like any other template.

Crafting a Template Button

Creating a template button is the other method you can use. It makes saving a page as a template much easier.

  • Find the notion page/pages that you want to save or convert to a template.
  • In an empty line, type “template.” This allows you to search for the “Template button” which is the advanced block. Click “Enter.”
  • Give the template button a name to configure it. Click “Close,” and it’s all done.

Creating a Template in Notion from Scratch

Apart from making a page a template or using the database to create one, you can make an entirely new one. With a standard format, you can reuse it as much as you want in Notion pages. A good example of a useful template is a proposal when you are looking for new clients. You don’t need to keep creating new proposals every time. Here are the three steps to follow in detail: Before you create a template, first consider the content you will use. A template is meant to be used often. While templates can be updated, including everything the first time is more efficient. Consider how you intend to use that template when contemplating the content to add.

When you follow the above steps, the template is ready. The link can be copied and pasted on any Notion page for activation.

Benefits Associated With Template Use in Notion Workspaces

There are various benefits associated with template creation in Notion. They include:

  • The reduction of the likelihood of making mistakes
  • A great way of making workflow efficient
  • With a template as an example to follow, it makes page creation more accessible
  • The ability to create content at a faster rate
  • Saving energy and time eliminating repetitive work.

Improve Productivity by Converting Pages to Templates in Notion

If you want to streamline your workflow, you need to embrace templates in Notion. Using templates is a great way to do more work consistently and easily. With the ability to make a page into a template, you can recreate pages by following a few steps. Have you tried saving a page as a template in Notion? Did you face any challenges? Let us know in the comments section below.


Mastering How To Make A Page A Template In Notion opens doors to a world of enhanced productivity. Leverage the insights shared in this guide to transform your Notion experience, and witness the positive impact on your daily tasks.


Q: Can I share my Notion templates with others?
Absolutely! Notion allows you to share templates easily. Simply export your template and share the link with collaborators.

Q: Are there pre-made templates available in Notion?
Yes, Notion provides a variety of pre-made templates. Explore the template gallery within Notion for ready-to-use options.

Q: Can I revert a Notion template back to a regular page?
Certainly. While editing the template, navigate to the three dots on the top right, and choose “Turn into” > “Page.”

Q: How many templates can I create in Notion?
There’s no limit to the number of templates you can create in Notion. Customize and create as many as needed for your diverse tasks.

Q: Can I use Notion templates on mobile devices?
Yes, Notion templates are accessible on mobile devices. Download the Notion app, and carry your templates wherever you go.

Q: Are Notion templates secure?
Notion prioritizes security. Your data and templates are encrypted, ensuring a secure environment for your information.

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