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If you often create pages in Notion that you use frequently, you may find it beneficial to have them as templates. Fortunately, turning a page into a template is a simple process that can save you time in the future. In this article, we will explore how to convert a page into a template in Notion and discover additional helpful tips.

Making a Page a Template

When you make a page a template, it saves you from having to repeat the boring parts when you want to create another page that’s similar. Here’s how you can do it;

  • Open the desired page that you want to save as a template.
    Look for the three dots icon located at the top right corner of your screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, click “Save as Template.”

Once you have saved your page as a template, it will be automatically included in your workspace templates. You can find them under the “Templates” section, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Templates” button in the left sidebar. This will allow you to conveniently access all of your templates.

Using the Created Template

You can use the saved page template whenever you need to. This ensures that there is a consistent structure and enhances productivity. Here’s how you can create a new page using the template;

1. Click on the “New Page” button located in the left sidebar. This will open up the gallery of templates.
2. Select the desired template from the options available.
3. Click on “Get template” to generate a new page with the same content and structure as the chosen template.
4. Customize this new page according to your preferences.

Important note; You also have the option to customize placeholders for additional convenience when creating new pages from your template. To do this, edit the template and replace any existing placeholder text with your intended content.

Making External Pages Templates in Notion

To use external pages as templates in Notion, you can easily copy and import them. As long as you have been granted access, you can work with these external pages seamlessly.

  • First, locate and open the page you wish to copy.
  • Next, select the desired content. On a Mac, press “Cmd+A,” or on Windows, press “Ctrl+A.
  • Copy the selected content by pressing “Cmd+C” on a Mac or “Ctrl+C” on Windows.
  • Now, create a new page in Notion.
  • To paste the copied content from the external page into your new Notion page, press “Cmd+V” on a Mac or “Ctrl+V” on Windows.
  • Feel free to edit and customize the content of your template by removing any parts that are not relevant.
  • Finally, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of your screen. From there, select “Save as Template” from the menu options.

That’s it! You’ve successfully copied an external page into Notion and converted it into a template.

Crafting a Template Button

To create a template button, you have another option. It simplifies the process of saving a page as a template.

  • Locate the notion page or pages that you wish to save or convert into a template.
  • On an empty line, type “template.” This will enable you to search for the “Template button,” which is an advanced block. Press “Enter.”
  • Assign a name to the template button for configuration purposes. Click “Close,” and you’re all set.

Creating a Template in Notion from Scratch

To create a template in Notion, you have a few options. You can convert an existing page into a template, use the database feature to generate one or start from scratch and create a brand new template. Having a standard format allows you to reuse it multiple times across different Notion pages. For instance, if you often need to send proposals to potential clients, creating a proposal template can save you time and effort. Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can simply use the template and modify it as needed.

When creating a template, it’s essential to consider the content you want to include. Templates are designed for repeated use, so including all necessary information upfront is more efficient. Think about how you intend to utilize the template and what specific content should be added.

After finalizing your content considerations, proceed with setting up your template on a fresh Notion page. To add the template block, type “/template” in your Notion workspace. By default, Notion provides an initial “Add a new to do” block which can be removed or replaced with your desired content.

Once you have set up the template, it requires some content. Simply open the newly created template and drag in the desired content. If you wish to make any adjustments, just click on the “Configure Template” icon. This will enable you to add, remove or replace content within the template, similar to how you would work with a Notion block.

By following the steps mentioned above, your template will be all set and ready to go. You can copy and paste the link onto any Notion page to activate it.

Benefits Associated With Template Use in Notion Workspaces

Template creation in Notion offers several advantages, such as;

1. Minimizing the chances of errors.
2. Streamlining workflow for improved efficiency.
3. Providing a helpful reference for creating pages easily.
4. Enhancing productivity by enabling faster content creation.
5. Saving time and effort by eliminating repetitive tasks.

These benefits make template creation in Notion valuable for users seeking to optimize their work processes and maximize their output.


Can you edit page templates in Notion?

Absolutely, once you have created a page template, you have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed. To modify a database page template, simply click on the downward arrow beside “New” and then select “…” to access the edit menu. From there, you can make the necessary changes and choose “Back” to save them automatically.

Can an existing page be converted into a template?

Certainly, you can effortlessly convert an already existing page into a template, which will ultimately save you valuable time and effort.

How are nested Notion template buttons created?

To create a system with one button inside another, treat the templates as Notion blocks. Simply drag and drop one button into another. For instance, if you’re working on various niches, it makes sense to have templates that include samples for each niche.

Can tables be made templates in Notion?

Sure, it’s totally possible. All you have to do is drag the table and drop it into the designated template block. Just type “/template” to initiate the block where the table is located and then drag your table to the newly created template.

Can page templates be deleted in Notion?

Absolutely. You can delete page templates as well. To do so, simply go to the “Templates” section, hover over the one you want to delete and click on the three dots. From there, choose “Delete” in the drop down menu that appears and confirm your action.

Will deleting a page template delete the pages I created with it?

No worries! Deleting templates won’t impact any databases or pages that were created from that specific template.

Improve Productivity by Converting Pages to Templates in Notion

If you’re looking for a more efficient workflow in Notion, embracing templates is key. They make it easier to consistently complete tasks by allowing you to create new pages based on predefined formats with just a few simple steps.

Have you ever tried saving a page as a template in Notion? If so, did you encounter any challenges? Please let us know in the comments below.

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