Is Notion Free? There Is Both Free & Paid Versions


Notion provides a Personal free plan that encompasses a wide variety of features and acts as a solid bottom tier to the subscription plan. As one of the fastest-growing productivity tools available, Notion is an app that blends project management and note-taking. Their many features allow you to customize your workspace exactly as you need to organize personal projects and complete to-do tasks – all free. If you’re on a tight budget or simply prefer not to add a Notion subscription to your monthly bills, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about Notion’s free plan and other plans available when you decide it’s time to upgrade.

Is Notion Free?

Notion offers a comprehensive pricing tier that starts with the free plan. The features of Notion’s free plan cover a variety of productive tools, while the paid subscriptions are aimed more toward teamwork and enterprise. Notion offers four subscription plans, including its base Personal free plan.

The Personal free plan comes with most of the productivity features. This plan does limit your workspace members to just you. The number of guests who can view your pages is limited to five. Unlike other popular productivity software, you don’t need to pay extra to sync your workspace across additional devices or buy a subscription to unlock additional views or lists. The Personal free plan offers all of the features you need for your personal projects. The Notion app has also promised its users that the Personal free plan will always be free.

Personal Pro – Individual Power Users

The Personal Pro subscription costs $5 per month. The plan drops to $4 a month if you pay annually. This subscription tier is designed to empower individuals who may need additional collaboration features. While the Personal Pro plan also limits the number of workspace members to just you, the number of guests is unlimited. In addition to base features, the plan allows you to view past versions of your pages. However, you can only see changes for up to 30 days.

The Team subscription costs $10 per month, but the plan is discounted to $8 per month if you pay the annual price. This Notion tier includes additional features such as collaborative workspaces, allowing team members to work on projects together in real-time. Other features include sharing permissions and administration tools.

The Enterprise subscription can only be purchased via Notion’s sales team as the price can vary based on the number of logins needed. Major companies such as Coprology and Headspace use Notion, and an enterprise subscription would be based on the number of teams and team members within the company. Unlike the Personal and Team tier levels, Enterprise includes high-level collaborative features, including audit logs and security options. The plan also has other controls so management can maintain security and the flow of information through various teams.

Is Notion Free for Personal Use

The Notion app is free to use for your personal use. The Personal plan is always free and does not act as a free trial to encourage users to switch to a paid plan after they have started using the service. With the Personal free plan, the features you can access will always be available as soon as you sign up.

Notion is an incredibly powerful tool with a wide variety of productivity features at even the basic level, making the Personal free plan ideal for any of your projects. The Personal free plan enables you to create unlimited pages and blocks to build to-do lists, add paragraphs, insert photos, and more. It also allows you to upload 5 MB of content to your pages. Most importantly, the free personal account lets you share your pages with up to five guests. These could be family members, clients, or anyone else who you may wish to collaborate with. One of the featured tools for the free personal plan includes real-time collaboration, so you get instant feedback from your guests. You also have access to link-sharing.

The free Personal plan boasts a variety of access points to help you get the most out of the software. Users can work within their preferred web browser or can download the app to their personal computers, tablets, or mobile phones. The Notion app works with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. If you’re savvy enough, you can even use Notion on Linux. Unlike other productivity tools, Notion allows you to sync across all of your devices using their free plan.

The free Personal plan’s most popular and powerful feature is the 40+ block types and the 50+ starter templates. With the many block types available across all pages, you can add to-do lists, uploads, images, and more. The expert-made templates allow you to jump straight into work, whether meeting notes, vacation planning, or even your personal journal. In addition, Notion is a powerful note-taking tool that allows you to work with shared wikis and documents. It can build databases with drop-down options, dates, currencies, and special characters for your more data-driven projects. These databases can be viewed as a table, list, Kanban board, and other view types to meet your needs. With the free Personal plan, you can also access Notion API to build and use integrations as needed. These can be used to better collaborate with team members and guests. Lastly, the free Personal plan makes your data completely yours. If you ever need to leave Notion for any reason, you can simply bulk export your data and take it with you.

Is Notion Free for Students

Unfortunately, Notion does not currently offer special discounts based on your status as a student. However, the free Personal plan provides so many valuable features that you should be able to use Notion with little to no limitations on your productivity. Their professionally made templates include student dashboards to manage lecture notes, courses, assignments, and other education-based tasks. You can also access templates dedicated to your syllabus, notes, flashcards, etc. So, while you won’t be able to get any special discount on any of the paid plans with your student email, you still have access to all of the same features that the Personal free plan offers to all of its users.

Additional FAQs

While the professionally made templates vary across personal and professional subject use, the Personal free plan gives you access to all of them. You can use any template just as it is or edit it to fit your unique needs.

Like the templates, the Personal free plan allows you to create and work on any project. Popular personal projects include journals, digital planners, vacation planning, freelance project management, and book writing.

Notion for Free and Forever

Notion’s commitment to keeping its Personal plan free without trying to shuffle users into paid subscriptions for additional template features is a big promise. It makes the Personal free plan an accessible tool for people looking to manage their lives or projects without purchasing expensive software. This is also a major win for students who need more sophisticated software to fit complex needs but don’t have the extra funds. Are you a Notion user or considering signing up for the Personal free plan? What features are the most useful to you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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