The 20 Best Notion Widgets


The note taking app market is highly competitive and Notion definitely stands out from the rest. Users love it because of its user friendly interface and compatibility with various devices.

But what makes Notion even more popular among users is its ability to personalize the dashboard with third party widgets.

Popular options for adding functionality to Notion include Indify and Apption plugins, but there are also other developers who have created interesting and useful widgets for Notion. All you have to do is copy the widget URLs and paste them into your Notion dashboard using the / command.

20 Best Notion Widgets

Adding a widget to your Notion account is about increasing productivity and functionality and making your workspace look nicer.

Think of all the widgets you have on your smartphone or tablet and the easy access they provide. While you might not be sure what type of widgets you would need or want in Notion, here are the top 20 options to consider.

1. Clock Widget

If you depend on your phone to check the time or find it inconvenient to strain your eyes to read the small numbers on your computer, there is a more convenient option available.

A number of Notion users invest significant time in organizing their projects and lists and would find it beneficial to have easy access to a clock. The Indify analog Clock widget allows you to adjust the time zone and resize the clock by dragging its borders, all in real time.

2. Retro Clock Widget

A simple analog clock widget might not be suitable for your Notion page, so if you’re a fan of the digital retro clock style, WidgetBox has a fantastic widget.

You’re not stuck with only being able to customize the background or text color. Instead, you can fully make it your own and quickly integrate it into Notion. This widget will tell you the time and day while fitting into your aesthetics.

3. Weather Widget

Having a beautiful weather widget can give your Notion page a polished and professional appearance. It allows you to effortlessly keep track of the current temperature in your area, stay updated on the forecast and plan your activities accordingly.

The brilliant folks at Indify have designed an elegant and minimalist weather widget that seamlessly blends with the overall style of your Notion page. To add it, simply copy the link they provide and paste it onto the desired Notion page.

4. Weather Round Widget

If the weather widget mentioned earlier doesn’t suit your preferences, there’s another fantastic alternative provided by WidgetBox.

Their widgets are incredibly stylish and provide a multitude of options for customization. You have the freedom to modify the widget’s background color, text, borders and even its size.

5. Countdown Widget

The widget called “Countdown” is ideal when you have an upcoming event and want to create excitement by counting down the days.

It could be a dear friend’s birthday, an exciting work event or a long awaited vacation that begins in a few days. The Indify countdown widget will display the remaining months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until the main event on your Notion page.

6. Google Calendar

Having a properly designed calendar is essential for staying organized when you’re busy managing your Notion dashboard. Numerous users depend on Google Calendar to keep their work and personal activities well coordinated.

Now, you have the option to integrate the popular calendar application as a widget directly onto your Notion page. You can customize the calendar’s appearance and seamlessly embed it within your Notion workspace.

7. Spotify Widget

Do you like to have music or podcasts playing in the background while you work? If so, incorporating a Spotify widget could greatly enhance your experience.

If you’re already using Spotify, this would be a natural progression. By having your preferred Spotify playlist easily accessible within Notion, you won’t have to constantly switch between different tabs just to skip songs or change playlists while working.

8. Apple Music

Apple Music is another well known music streaming platform. If you’re a Notion user with a subscription to Apple Music, you can take advantage of the Apple Music widget in Notion.

To add your favorite playlist from Apple Music to a Notion page, simply visit the Apple Music website. From there, select your desired playlist and click on the Share option. Once you have the embedded code, just paste it onto your Notion page.

9. Whiteboard Widget

If you’re utilizing Notion as a tool for managing your projects, you might find a whiteboard widget incredibly valuable. A whiteboard provides an excellent space to collaborate and jot down spontaneous ideas whenever inspiration strikes.

Incorporating a whiteboard widget into Notion is remarkably straightforward. Simply navigate to Apption and duplicate the URL. This widget allows you to select from various pencils, brushes and other conventional tools commonly found on a physical whiteboard.

10. Twitter Widget

Keeping track of viral tweets requires frequent scrolling. Instead of picking up your phone to check Twitter or opening a new tab on your browser, why not add a widget to your Notion page to notify you of tweets of interest?

You can keep up with all the news and updates while working on other vital projects. Your Twitter feed will be within reach, and you won’t even have to interrupt the workflow.

11. Quote Widget

If Notion is the first application you launch in the morning, perhaps an uplifting quote could be just what you need to set a positive tone for the day.

There might come a time during the day when your productivity starts to decline and a quick glance at inspiring words displayed on a beautiful backdrop could provide the necessary motivation. If you’re interested in having a daily quote featured on your Notion page, you might want to consider using the Quote widget developed by Indify.

12. Pinterest Widget

If you love daily motivational quotes, as well as kitchen designs, pets, art, and everything in between, a Pinterest widget for Notion might work.

Notion users who love to browse Pinterest will likely enjoy images picked by the widget that correlate with their Pinterest account.

13. Calculator Widget

You have a calculator on your phone and computer. But do you have a cool-looking calculator widget for Notion always at your reach? Probably not.

You don’t need to switch between apps if there are some calculations to be done. It can be distracting and inefficient. But you can use a calculator widget right on your Notion pages for budgeting and keeping your finances in order.

14. Unit Converter Widget

Are you using Notion to create a cookbook? If so, you probably find yourself frequently converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit or working with the metric system.

You don’t have to keep switching tabs and searching for calculators on Google every time you need to convert something. Instead, you can conveniently have a Unit Converter widget right on your Notion page.

15. Greetings Widget

Start your day with a simple and user friendly widget that is both enjoyable and practical. The Greeting widget in Notion is designed to greet you with a good morning or good afternoon based on the time you open the app. It also provides you with essential information such as the day, date and time. While it may not be extravagant, this widget seamlessly blends into any Notion page you create.

16. World Clock

Notion users who need to communicate with coworkers or clients who live in other parts of the world need to be mindful of the time zones.

For instance, if you’re in Chicago, you might not be sure what the time is in London, and you don’t want to send a time-sensitive message to someone while they’re asleep. The World Clock widget can help. It looks incredible and shows accurate time in up to three different locations across the world.

17. Pomodoro Widget

Having trouble with time management? The Pomodoro Technique has been a game changer for countless people. It assists in improving time management skills and can be utilized for any type of task.

This method promotes working for 25 minutes straight followed by a 5 minute break. If it suits your needs, you can now incorporate a Notion widget to enhance your workflow management.

18. Progress Bar Widget

Managing and staying accountable for your daily, weekly or even yearly goals can be quite demanding. To simplify the process, you have the option to utilize the Progress Bar widget specifically created for Notion. This handy tool assists in maintaining a clear understanding of the time invested in reaching your goals and helps you stay focused on your plan.

19. Astro Charts Widget

This widget may not suit everyone, but it will certainly be adored by many. If you’re someone who enjoys astrology and regularly checks your horoscope chart, then the Astro Charts widget is an ideal addition to your Notion page.

While it may not initially appear to enhance productivity, if your horoscope serves as a source of motivation for you, then it becomes a perfect addition.

20. Gimpy Widget

A funny GIF can brighten your day and put you in the right mood to continue working and managing projects.

Instead of wasting time scrolling through endless amounts of GIFs online, enjoy a daily GIF provided by the GIPHY widget. It will make your Notion page more interactive and fun and might even get those creative juices flowing.

Using Notion Widgets to Your Advantage

Not every widget you’ll include on a Notion page is solely focused on boosting productivity. Some are meant to provide a bit of relief from work and bring a smile to your face.

There’s a wide range of Notion widgets available, with new ones constantly being developed.

While the clock, weather and music streaming service widgets are popular choices, there are also many other fantastic ways to personalize and enhance your Notion pages. Various third party sources offer options that cater to users needs at all times.

Which Notion widgets would you incorporate into your dashboard and pages? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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