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Keeping up with your habits can be quite challenging. Many individuals express a desire to monitor their habits, but unfortunately, they often struggle to actually follow through. Establishing and adhering to routines can feel monotonous if you lack the proper resources. Fortunately, Notion comes to the rescue by providing people with easier ways to focus on personal development and enhance their task management capabilities. In this article, we will discuss some of the top habit trackers available for use within Notion.

1. Notion Habit Tracker Template

Notion’s in house team has developed a habit tracker that stands out for its user friendly interface. It boasts a straightforward and intuitive design, providing users with a convenient table view of their daily activities.

The template includes columns for various activities and dedicated sections for comments. Additionally, it offers the convenience of effortlessly adding new monthly sheets with just a simple button press.

This template serves as an invaluable tool for monitoring and tracking different tasks throughout the day, allowing you to assess the frequency of task completion. Another advantage is the flexibility to personalize the template by customizing the names of activity columns.

Notion’s default template will serve you well if you’re looking for something to ease into habit tracking.

2. Zoe Chew Habit Tracker Template

This Notion habit tracker template is an enhanced version of the default template provided by Notion. It was created by Zoe Chew and includes multiple columns for activities like exercise, reading, meditation, etc.

If you wish to track your wake up times as well, this template can be useful.

You have the option to assign a “0” or a “1” to each activity to indicate its completion status. A “0” represents an incomplete task. To add a personal touch, you can customize the labels and give them different colored backgrounds.

The template features a conveniently placed search button that allows you to easily find specific tasks without having to scroll through everything. Additionally, it can count the number of checked and unchecked cells. This feature helps you gauge how well you’re keeping up with your routine.

Apart from providing detailed daily and monthly views of your tasks, the template also includes various icons that represent each task. Once you’ve completed your tasks for the day, use the section on the right to leave any comments or notes.

3. Vitor Rodrigues Habit Tracker Template

Some of the top notch Notion templates are created by users. Take the Vitor Rodrigues template as a prime example; it’s not only exceptional but also freely available for use.

This template offers a slightly higher level of complexity. It features both weekly and monthly views. When you open the tracker, you’ll usually be directed to the “This Week” table, where you can see the habit name, date, day and a checkbox option.

For a broader overview, you can access the monthly table. Here, daily rows are displayed without immediately showing tasks. To view a comprehensive breakdown of tasks for a specific day, simply click on that particular day.

If you’re someone who enjoys managing intricate tasks or needs to keep track of numerous daily activities, this template could be an ideal fit for you.

4. Taylor Milliman Habit Tracker Template

This template is quite similar to the one created by the Notion team. It has a familiar table structure that is easy to understand.

Each row contains days, dates and various tasks. You can click on the specific day cell to leave any necessary notes. One impressive feature is the use of icons. Whenever you add a note or comment, an icon will appear to indicate new information.

Moreover, the default version of this template uses a percentage count instead of a sum. This can be useful if you want a clearer understanding of how well you are following your habits and activities.

Of course, if you prefer, you have the option to switch to a sum format. Additionally, you can customize the template further by adding new rows at the bottom.

5. Thomas Frank Habit Tracker Template

This template I’m presenting to you has a worksheet style format, which was designed by a user. It’s a straightforward template that is particularly useful when you want to track only a small number of activities.

Thomas Frank created this template with the intention of helping you keep track of your weekly routines. It displays a list from Sunday to Saturday, with four basic activities or goals assigned for each day.

  • Wake up at 6 am
  • Read 30 minutes
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Bike for 10 miles

However, if you wish to modify these habits, simply click on the gear icon next to them. And when you’re ready to begin a new week, just click on the New Weekly Habit Tracker button and it will bring up a fresh tracking sheet for you.

As time goes on and more data is accumulated, the template will display a more comprehensive database that can be used for tracking your progress.

6. Analytical Template

The habit tracker called Analytical Template, which is available on Notion, has undergone several changes over time. It was initially uploaded in 2021 by a person named Red Gregory and then in 2022, it was edited, repurposed and improved by someone named L.J. La Douceur.

If you’re looking for a template style that’s different from the usual worksheets, this one could be the right fit for you. The Analytical Template provides a monthly breakdown using a kanban board.

This feature allows you to keep track of specific activities, rate your months, monitor your progress and see where you stand within each month.

Furthermore, the template organizes the months into quarters to give it a more professional touch.

Similar to other templates available on Notion, you can access a daily journal and add up to six habits for each day. Once you complete an activity or task, you can tick off the corresponding boxes and receive a rating based on how many tasks you’ve accomplished.

7. Health & Habit Tracker Template

Jane Schill, the creator of the Health & Habit Tracker template, has developed a user friendly Notion template to inspire individuals in maintaining their habits while providing them with valuable insights based on their activities.

This template offers a comprehensive weekly layout and also allows users to gain a daily overview of their tasks and habits. It provides the flexibility to input up to five habits, track completed ones and view progress through a percentage based progress bar.

Additionally, users can access weekly and monthly analytics to assess their average completion percentage as well as the completion percentages for each individual habit.

Now, you might be wondering why it is specifically referred to as a health tracker template. Well, this template also includes three extra sections; Moods, Symptoms and Medications. These sections prove beneficial for individuals dealing with health concerns or anxiety or those who are striving for personal growth while enhancing their lifestyle.

Habit Tracking Made Easy

There are plenty of fantastic habit tracker templates created by users of Notion. Some are straightforward and user friendly, while others offer more complexity and the ability to analyze your performance and consistency with your routines in greater detail.

One of the greatest advantages of using Notion is that many templates are customizable to suit your needs and they come at no cost. So, if you’re truly dedicated to personal growth and enhancing your task management skills, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Which Notion templates catch your interest? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or share any creations of yours that you believe could be beneficial for others.


Elevate your productivity and achieve your goals by leveraging the best habit tracker templates on Notion in 2023. Explore the variety of templates, customize them to suit your preferences, and embark on a journey of positive habit-building and personal growth.


Q: Can I use habit tracker templates on the Notion mobile app? Yes, habit tracker templates are accessible and fully functional on the Notion mobile app.

Q: Are habit tracker templates compatible with all Notion plans? Yes, habit tracker templates are available for both free and paid versions of Notion.

Q: Can I export habit tracker data from Notion? Yes, Notion allows users to export data, including habit tracker information, for analysis or backup.

Q: Can I set reminders for habit tracking in Notion? Notion itself doesn’t offer reminders, but you can integrate it with reminder apps or calendars.

Q: Are there habit tracker templates for specific goals like fitness or reading? Yes, there are specialized habit tracker templates tailored for fitness, reading, and other specific goals.

Q: Can I use habit tracker templates for work-related habits? Absolutely, habit tracker templates can be customized for work-related habits and professional development.

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