The Best Notion Templates [May 2022]


Notion is a productivity app that allows you to organize your workweek. With an abundance of tools and templates, you can structure your work to your liking. Unlike other apps such as OneNote, Notion’s block infrastructure and template feature have proved highly popular with its users. If you’re wondering what’s the best template to use or which ones are available, we’ve got you covered in this article.

The Best Templates for Notion

First, it’s essential to keep in mind that you’ll be using it for your own purpose or line of work. Of course, you don’t have to use Notion only for business since you can just as well use it to organize and keep track of habits and activities. Before we get more specific in the following sections, here are some of the best templates that you can use and configure:

Among the many Notion templates for students, we’ve selected two that will help anyone with their schedule.

Here’s a tool that can keep you on track in your study. “A Student Hub” combines organizational features and a brilliant design. It looks minimalist, but it will prove helpful to those who want to get everything done and push forward to next year.

The Student OS

Another great student-centric template is “The Student’s OS,” which offers a clean workspace for any student. It combines a smart task manager, notebook, and calendar that all work together. You’ll have access to the dashboard, courses, task and assignment system, and a weekly planner. Plus, you’ll get a set of costumed icons that will make any task a little less serious. Many students are on record saying that this template drastically improved their grades and lowered their stress.

The Best Notion Templates for Productivity

A well-organized project means fewer problems and timely execution. This is what the best Notion templates focused on team productivity can help you with. We’ve decided to highlight three of them.

Any content creator can use this template to organize posts, videos, or the overall posting process. This template is comparable to the Trello app in terms of a similar content flow. The interface of “Content Calendar” is minimalist yet remarkably intuitive, and you’ll need just one look to know where to start. You’ll have everything grouped by ideas, progress, and publication segments. In addition, you can create specific tasks and assign team members or collaborators to work on the most urgent ones.

Most Notion users start with “Life Wiki,” where you can track everything from learning, exercise routines, cooking recipes, random ideas, décor concepts, and business pitches. The all-time favorites of Notion users, the template gives you all the available categories by default, and you can later optimize them according to your needs.

“Company Home” acts as a professional company profile where you can add the relevant company values, goals, vision ideas, monthly goals, and the like. Everyone on the team can access the template to ensure they’re working in line with team goals. Plus, they’ll feel motivated knowing that they’re a part of the company’s progress.

The Best Notion Templates for Project Management

Notion templates can do the heavy lifting for those in project management. With the “Meeting Notes” template, for example, you can add new tasks to your inbox, manage your daily and weekly schedule, and add new tasks. With its Trello-like board, you can keep up with everyone’s progress and always have everything in one place.

The Best Notion Templates for College

Organizing is one of the most critical parts of college life, so the “Student Home Dashboard” template is an all-in-one power tool for students. It features a daily and weekly planner, class notes, documents, assignments, and a habit tracker template. This template helps you sort through the mess and show you when you can have some time off or to spend with friends. When you’re fully up to speed, you can create your own college template or even one for someone else.

The Best Notion Templates for Medical Students

Ideal for students who use a lot of study materials and need a place for storing PDF files, “Lecture Notes” gives you a good-looking template that’s easy and simple to use. With the template, you can have your notes ready for an exam or for sharing with friends. Furthermore, you’ll have all your lectures saved on one page that you can later go through again and systematically prepare for your final exams. Among others, you’ll be able to track your grades and progress and keep a clean schedule of classes, activities, and exams.

The Best Notion Templates for High School Students

One of the most straightforward templates that can benefit any high school student is “Home Template.” It keeps track of a four-year plan of your personal goals, projects, a bucket list, and all assignments. With the simple weekly planner and the habit tracker, you’ll see how to keep up with study and extracurricular demands and create more time for family and friends. For everyone whose parents are too busy to remind them of their chores, you can rely on a Notion template to always know what’s in your calendar.

The Best Notion Templates for Meeting Notes

One of the best templates for storing notes is the “Database” template. With the template, you can write a detailed follow-up after every meeting and keep extensive notes. Every page includes sections like Action Items, Notes, and Agenda. At the end of the meeting, it’s easy to move things around and copy and share every and any number of things with your team.

Additional FAQs

Notion can be compared to a Lego set where you use different elements to build a unique combination of tools. Since everything works in blocks, you’ll have to install more table and text elements if you want to take notes. Either that or you can rely on a template (see below).

If you want to create documents in Notion without building everything from scratch, you can start with a template and adjust it to your team’s needs. New templates come out all the time, and they can make your tables more interactive or create an improved space for note-taking. With an ever-growing library of templates, you can decide to start with one and adapt it to suit your needs. You can add and remove elements and make new pages and space for all the data you’ll use.

Notion is an interactive tool for teams to organize various projects, tasks, and documents. With visualizations, cross-functional collaboration, and functional tools, you can use Notion to manage any project and develop ideas. Notion comes with a steep learning curve, but you’ll soon be able to optimize it to suit all your needs. The promise that Notion holds is that you can turn it into an organizing tool molded according to your way of thinking and way of life.

Magical Templates

Now that you have an idea of what’s possible in the world of Notion templates, what’s left is for you to select one (or a few) and use the app to, hopefully, improve your workflow. Notion enables you to keep track of your schedule and keep it fun. What’s your favorite template so far? Have you started using Notion? What are your first impressions?

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